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Zombies here, Zombies there, Zombies everywhere!

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    Dead Rising 3

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Zombies here, Zombies there, Zombies everywhere!

    With the launch of Microsoft’s new Xbox One, there were several titles I was excited for. One of those titles being Dead Rising 3. I played about half of the original, and skipped out on the second one altogether. I had fun in spurts with the original title, but found it to be a fairly average game. Dead Rising 3 on the other hand was a fun and enjoyable experience throughout most of the game’s story mode. As people say, third time is a charm.

    Dead Rising 3 follows the tale of Nick Ramos, who has found himself in Los Perdidos, a zombie infested city. Following this outbreak, the city is quarantined with survivors surrounded by hoards of zombies. As users play through the game, they’ll experience a sufficient story. There’s some nice plot twists here and there, but nothing particularly over the top.

    Throughout story mode, Nick could continue main missions, rescue random strangers, or take on side missions that usually involve fighting over the top villains. These various tasks are spread throughout the large city of Los Perdidos. In this large open world, users will have the ability to explore and perform over the top moves. Spread throughout the world are various vehicles, weapons, and items that users can use.
    To move around the city quicker, vehicles are available, ranging from muscle cars, sports car, sedans, vans, and so forth. With the large infestation of zombies, users can also go on joy rides and run over groups of zombies with destruction in mind. This helps rack up points that could eventually lead to leveling up of attributes.

    Weapons are also numerous and widely available. Some of the more effective weapons like swords and baseball bats are more efficient at clearing out numerous zombies when Nick is surrounded. Other weapons, which might not be as effective, provided some over the top uniqueness. Ammunition based weapons, like handguns are also available. While all these weapons are available, I found myself sticking to the more effective weapons for the most part. Users can also mix and match and create their own weapons that are more powerful and lasts longer.

    With the numerous options and large city available to you, the vast number of enemies and solid game play makes for a fun experience. While I didn’t count, there could potentially be hundreds of zombies on screen at one time. Throw in the fact that Dead Rising 3 allows users to spam a single button to create some devastating strikes against enemies, and it leads to some extreme destruction. This tends to lead to Nick using weapons, especially more destructive ones, to rack up plenty of kills over a short period of time, while adding plenty of destructive animation. Users can certainly spend some quality time just dishing out punishment, such as standing on top of a car and lobbing grenades or unloading bullets into a crowd of zombies.

    On top of that, there are limitations to weapon usage, which limit the destruction Nick could dish out. Instead of spamming the sword over and over, the weapon would be rendered useless after certain number of strikes. This made the game a bit more strategic, and requiring users to stash some of the better weapons away in inventory.

    Dead Rising 3 was a lot of fun for most of the campaign, but there were some issues. During more intense battles or boss fights, I found the controls to be less than intuitive when trying to pick up items. In the head of the moment, where I tried to pick up food items to heal, I would end up picking up wrong items. Items sometimes were clustered together, which added to the frustration. While some of the boss fights were fun, going through hoards of zombies over and over again did become a bit tedious towards later parts of the game.

    Dead Rising 3 from a visual standpoint looked pretty good, but nothing about it screamed next generation. I felt like the game could have been done on the Xbox 360 from a visual standpoint. With that said, Dead Rising 3 isn’t a bad looking game at all. Character models, especially during cut scenes, looked detailed. Animation of zombies being dismembered were satisfying. Additionally, despite what early professional reviewers indicated, the game ran exceptionally well given the amount of action going on screen at a time.
    The voice acting was also fairly strong. I thought the voice actor for Nick did a good job. Nothing too over the top or corny. Supporting characters were also solid. Sound effects like gun fire also had a nice pop to it. The game overall lasts through about 8 chapters or days. It’s a fairly solid length for a single player game these days.

    Dead Rising 3 is fun adventure that revolves around a post zombie apocalypse. Dead Rising 3 has its flaws, but it was mostly an entertaining game for most of the story mode. The large city and plethora of weapons add to the over the top adventure. It probably isn’t a game that’s solely worth getting an Xbox One for, but if you already have the system, it’s definitely worth getting since it’s one of the stronger launch titles.

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