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Xbox One S Console – Why does it take up to 3 days to load a game

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    Xbox One S Console

    Question: Xbox One S Console – Why does it take up to 3 days to load a game

    You might want ton go ahead and turn it on if it’s taking that long to load a game.

    LOL It doesn’t take me THAT long but it is a long process. Basically, it’s lot of megabytes and depends on the speed of your internet connection. When you buy a new game, even if you install from disk, you’ll have the same issues since they ALWAYS need to do updates.

    Maybe slow internet…not sure…XBox One isn’t as great as we thought it’d be

    A console is just a computer with different software so basically the more Apps you have open it will take some time to load the game. The loading time is directly affected by the temperature of the console processor and graphic intensiveness of the game. Some data also needs to be written onto the console memory for the game to read appropriately.

    It is probably your internet connection. Mine only took about 2 hours to download all the games

    It takes 3 days to load a game !!!!!!!? maybe there is something wrong with your console. It took me about 30 min, also make sure you are connected to wifi via cable not wireless. Make sure you also let the xbox do updates before installing games.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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