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Why Sony? Why are you doing this!?

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    Little Adventure on the Prairie

    Rating: 1.0 – Terrible

    Why Sony? Why are you doing this!?

    Sony has had a bit of a problem lately with a little thing I like to call "Game Quality Standards". You see, nowadays as long as someone pays Sony’s licensing fees, they can put just about any "game" onto the store, regardless of just how bad it may actually be. This is how you see games ("games") like "Orc Slayer" and "Life of Black Tiger" on the store (or perhaps even more infamously "My Name is Mayo"). Well ladies and gentleman, we can add another "game" to this list: Little Adventure on the Prairie.

    Little Adventure on the Prairie (which I’m just going to call this "Little Adventure" from now on) bills itself as a platforming adventure. Just to put this out there (just in case you thought the game might have a story…), the game itself has no story whatsoever. You are literally just a generic swordsman who must travel to the right (or left) and kill whatever monster comes in front of you. Yeah… that’s it.

    But to call this game a "platforming adventure" is a bit much. You can jump and swing your sword. That’s it as far as controls go. So the entirety of the game play here is to move to the right, find an enemy, and whack it with your sword until it dies. Occasionally you will jump from one platform to a higher/lower one or jump small gaps, but there’s no actual "platforming" here.

    As you go along, you will occasionally find items that heal you as well as give you upgrades to your offense and defense. Pretty simple, but here’s the rub: the best way, by far, to defeat every single enemy you come across is to try and jump over them and then swing your sword. This gets you stuck on the enemy sprite and makes the enemies refrain from attacking you. It’s very cheap and kind-of shows you the quality of the "game play" here, but there it is. You just do that with every enemy and you’ll beat the game. Needless to say, the game play here is very shallow and equal to perhaps an early 90’s flash game.

    Speaking of early 90’s flash games, the graphics will give you that impression right away. Your hero is a generic swordsman with a very anime-inspired look. He looks good enough, but there’s no emotion here and just very basic sword-swinging animations. Enemy designs are repeated. There’s a total of six different enemy types in total, and while they look OK they too have just very basic animations. The graphics as a whole are just the basic of the basic and barely worth talking about.

    It’s… physically painful to actually continue this review at this point, but let’s cover "audio" really quick. The "music" in the game is very basic and repetitive, but it may just be the highlight of the game. That’s saying something. There’s not even really any sound effects here. It’s just a mess overall with repetitive tunes and a lack of anything else audio-related.

    As far as re-playability goes, there’s 12 levels of the same type of game play, and once you’re done with that I’m not sure why you’d play them again. For the record (and to be quite fair), the game does indeed bill itself as a short game, and is priced to match how short it is ($1.99). Based on what I’ve described up above though, there’s definitely a reason this game doesn’t cost very much (it isn’t worth very much).

    There is one reason to buy this game though. Trophies. This is an extremely easy game to get a platinum on, and I suspect that is probably the only reason people by this game at all. It definitely was for me (although getting to blast it in a review is a plus as well). But hey, if you are a shameless trophy hunter here is yet another game to add to your list! Just don’t forget "Orc Slayer" and "My Name is Mayo" while you are at it!

    Overall: 2/10

    And that’s it! This game is outclassed by just about every single game in existence, and you can undoubtedly find much better gaming experiences no matter where you look. The only reason you may want to play this poor excuse of a game is for trophies, but if shiny digital bling doesn’t (majorly) appeal to you, this is one adventure you should stay far away from. Have fun and keep playing!

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