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Well made for a free game.

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Well made for a free game.

    The game looks beautiful and the sound effects and music are decent. The story is compelling and interesting but I don’t play games for the story but for the gameplay. You have a main weapon a sub weapon and a melee weapon and each warframe has different strengths and weakness and abilities so find the one that suits you best, whether its a mage type character or a tank or a full on attacker or stealth by becoming invisible, which I think is pretty OP.

    The game takes quite sometime to get familiar with and at first glance it looks like way too much and may turn some people off but give it a chance and try all the different things that you can access: from the story missions to the pvp and co-op.


    Basically imagine how a ninja moves and convert that to game controls. You can run, crouch, run super fast, jump off walls, stick to a wall, if you can see something in the stage, you can get to it as long as its not beyond the programmed invisible walls of the game. So basically you can get anywhere which I think is awesome.

    Story mode gameplay

    The gameplay for this is pretty cut and dry, either kill x amount of enemies, sabotage, defend, survival, waves and such. The difficulty ramps up pretty well and I haven’t had to really farm an area just so I can beat an area and for the most part, I have soloed most of the time and I am under the impression that I can solo most of the game since the game provides you with many item mods to strengthen your gear and character. Completing different missions in the game, unlocks more options to use in your ship.

    In game currency

    There is an option to pay for items if you don’t feel like grinding for gear or even waiting for your gear to be finished when you craft, but even if you do that but lack the skill to play the game, then its completely pointless.

    PvP mode

    For pvp you cannot use the item mods that you found on your regular game, which is nice and starts everyone on an even playing field. Depending on how well you pvp then you will be randomly rewarded with item mods to upgrade your gear. The rewards seem to be lacking compared to the regular game but at least your gear and character get experience points so thats a good thing.


    The items in the game are very varied and there are a lot of ways to upgrade your gear to suit your playstyle. Either mod your weapons with elemental damage, shoot faster, more capacity, combine elements for a new element etc. There are also items to upgrade your warframe, which is your character. You can increase your shield, hp, run speed, resistances etc. There is also an option to upgrade your mods to strengthen their effect or if you have too many mods you can sell them or combine them to create a new mod for a price.

    You can purchase blueprints for your warframe, weapons and other things so you don’t have to pay for them but just grind for them which isn’t that bad. You can probably grind for a day and get everything you need for a lower level to medium level item, just like other rpg’s and their grinding system. The blueprints are great because you are working towards something and at the same time learning how to use your character better.


    There are several syndicates in the game with different goals and you can join them and find items for them or complete certain objectives and you can get items and gear only available for that syndicate. The syndicate I am in actually needs pvp and each time I participate in one and do well, I get to accumulate points that I need to rank up in that syndicate and unlock rewards.

    Overall this game is pretty good and you get daily rewards for logging in and the last reward I got was a 50% of coupon. Compared to other games that are not even free, this is very well made and there weren’t many connection issues or lag unless you are in an area with a lot of people. Just like pokemon, you can play it like a kid and just collect pokemon or you can play it like a competitive breeder and find the right pokemon or breed the right one to get max IV’s and right nature and the egg moves you want that you bred into it and EV train it the way you want. You can play warframe as basic as you want or play it as complex as you want.

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