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Unusually unforgiving difficulty makes this shooter look dated

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    Blue Rider

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    Unusually unforgiving difficulty makes this shooter look dated

    Blue Rider. A top down shooter game that you won’t forget, because of its harsh difficulty.

    The slightly slippery controls of the ship can be forgiven, because I can still git gud with them, and that’s the point of playing this game. The premise is you fly a ship and the enemies are robots, and we’re left to piece together the details because the story is NOT explained in-game with cutscenes. The game does something different by having you pilot a slightly slippery ship, whereas every enemy is either stationary or can easily walk towards you and start firing shots. They have the movement advantage in this game. You have a health bar that can be replenished by percentage, but only if you get a lucky drop from an enemy. You’re always able to outrun the shots if you must. You’re not able to map the controls yourself. You must take the controls which the game gives you.

    Everybody wants to git gud, but not everybody can marshal the energy to play a game with unforgiving difficulty. This game causes you to restart a level each time you die (which, in my case, was always against the boss). The game borrows from bullet hell genres where the boss is concerned. He also has missiles, on top of the bullet hell mechanic, and frequently has opening and closing shields, or allies to help him. My problem with the game’s saves is if you went through the entire level and reached the boss, there’s no reason today why you wouldn’t be able to restart at the boss fight. This is just an example of a game which looks more dated than it should (in the old days, you couldn’t have proper save files).

    Your default weapons are potent and they feel satisfying to use, although there’s no feeling of recoil from using them. They can upgrade to an even more potent firing power, whenever you find a machine that contains them and destroy it (these are easy to find). The game is well-designed where your weapons are concerned simply because they’re powerful. Maps are also well-designed, in the sense of containing twists in the environment that provide cover, though levels are slightly on the long side. Your shots, predictably, will NOT fire through objects (one or two games for PS4 this generation have ignored those physics).

    There are 9 levels in total. Each level is of an unforgiving difficulty due to the nature of the game’s save state. There are 3 statues in each level which you have to destroy to get acknowledged for it at the results screen (these are tough to find). The results screen plays after you win a level. You have a high score count and a score multiplier.

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