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This game is Megaman all over again

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    Mighty No. 9

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    This game is Megaman all over again

    Look at the meta critic for this game and you will probably be turned off. Many other reviewers have also given this game low or really average review scores. I am wondering if these reviewers have either played Megaman or have never played a mega man game at least thoroughly enough.

    This review is coming from someone that was born in the year 1985. I grew up on Megaman and really started to like the game at Megaman 3 for the NES. I love Megaman and I also think Kenji Inafune is a genius creator. If you can get by that part of this review then continue to read on.

    First, let’s talk about why I really think this game is amazing as a whole. Sure the graphics are not the best, but I still really think they fit the game. This seems to be a huge gripe from what people were wanting out of Mighty No.9. I have heard tons of graphical complaints. I think the graphics are very well done. Sure they could’ve been better, but it looks like a Megaman game. If you go back and play any other Megaman game, you may say that this Mighty No.9 has the best graphics of them all. Which should be, being it is the newest of them all technically and obviously.

    The soundtrack keeps the player going and doesn’t put me to sleep one bit. It even has a really cool 8-bit option which was just a sweet touch by comcept. I also even like the dialogue and voice acting that pops up on screen. It is a little childish, but as I look back on other Megaman games, was Megaman really all that grown up, to begin with?

    The gameplay is where this game shines. This is also where I somewhat lose my cool. People are or have said that this game is not like MegaMan. This is where I hugely disagree and they also state at times that Inafune "milked" the game. It surely drives a bee stinger on me and here is why.

    Firstly, the gameplay is excellent and I feel Inafune in no way milked us at all. He gives a full campaign as Beck the Megaman "clone" with your basic 8 boss stages and the intro stage plus a bit more. You can even play as "Call" in one stage to switch things up. Then for a really low price is the Ray DLC, which is a new character that plays entirely differently.

    Jam pack all this into one game for a price of around 19.99 USD. I feel that is a huge score compared to what some games that are totally horrible give you for 59.99 USD. The game is probably even cheaper now as I write this review about a year after it’s release if not more.

    Now, when you play as Beck, people say it lacks depth. Once again I disagree, of course, it is not the longest game ever made, but there are multiple levels of difficulty and all types of ranks to acquire. These are very fun to attempt and accomplish.

    What players don’t get is that the whole idea of this game is to play it like Megaman. Except Inafune laid out the ranks for the player because he was aware of Speed-Runners and No-Damage players. He has modes specifically for the speed-runner and no damage player. He has the S-RANK ideas and the player must tackle each of these levels differently in order to truly master the game with two characters!

    Replay value is the main idea I am getting at with the above statement. This game has it, regardless of it being short. This game caters to the Megaman fan. If you ever liked Megaman as a kid you are missing out by shunning it for bad reviews. If you don’t like Mighty No 9, I question if you even like Megaman.

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