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This Cursed Game Hooked Me!

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    Curses ‘N Chaos

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    This Cursed Game Hooked Me!

    Curses ‘N Chaos is basically a side-scrolling platform action game with no platforms, where you (and a friend if you want to play local or online co-op) battle waves of enemies until you finally reach a boss at the end.

    The game is rather repetitive, so I find it rather funny that it had me so hooked. It might be because the play control is perfect, and the varying enemy types and combinations keep things fresh even if the stage is just a static background. You may have seen most of the enemy types halfway through the game, but it still keeps serving them up in different numbers and patterns to keep the challenge up.

    A lot of the challenge comes from the fact that the game rewards you for not getting hit, and not going long periods without downing an enemy. It’s kind of a self-imposed challenge, I guess. Honestly, the normal game isn’t that hard due to the fact that enemies are constantly dropping health items, so anyone who keeps their eye on the ball could probably blast through these levels rather quickly (even though the levels themselves aren’t quick; most take 10-15 minutes to finish, so even a speedrunner would have a tough time beating this game in under 2 hours.

    The thing is, however, that I could not keep my eye on the ball. You see, the weapons and items that enemies drop can be used against them, OR you can save them, store them, and even mix them…for better items! Honestly, I think it was this gathering and mixing aspect of the game that truly kept me playing, odd as that may seem. Discovering, making, and collecting all of the game’s items and seeing how they affected the ending of the game added at least four hours to my total play time. But I didn’t mind. I was having fun.

    Curses ‘N Chaos sports a really catchy soundtrack and has an awesome art style. Both are reminiscent of the old NES days, though the music, sound effects, and graphics are superior to anything I’ve ever seen the NES do. There’s also plenty of humor present in the game, and some of the trophies showed me that the creators were definitely having fun.

    However, though I personally liked the game, I give it an average score because it really doesn’t stand above the crowd in any way that I can think of. It’s fun and solid, but for most people, it will probably be too simple to get into. But you never know until you try it. If you’re into retro games and old-school platform action, this game can be pretty fun if you’re in the right state of mind.

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