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The worst Battlefield to date

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    Battlefield V

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    The worst Battlefield to date

    I have been playing Battlefield since launch of BF 1942 on PC. This is a series I buy day one every time. Unfortunately, the series has deteriorated in quality and Battlefield 5 is the worst BF game so far.

    The good

    • The graphics are good. They look like BF1, but that looked good too. No complaints here.
    • The sound is good overall. The only memorable music is the main BF theme. However, the weapons sound nice and the sound design does aid in immersion.
    • Gunplay is good. I don’t have any complaints about the shooting.
    • I havent had problems with the net coding. I get into games quickly and they havent dropped.
    • I never encountered a one-armed female sniper or white British dude with a samurai sword, so that’s good.
    • The idea of building defenses like walls and barricades is great in theory. If they could make this system more robust and make the structures last longer, it would be an improvement. As it stands now, created defense structures are destroyed too quickly.

    The bad

    • The maps generally arent very interesting compared with past games. Rotterdam, in particular, is boring and uninspired.
    • There seems to be much less of an emphasis on vehicles and too much on infantry. I don’t know if this is the Call of Duty effect, but Dice has been moving away from vehicle prominence for a while now. BF5 has the least emphasis on vehicles I’ve seen in a BF game.
    • Fixed place machine guns and artillery are essentially useless. The minuscule field of vision makes the machine guns unusable. The artillery cannons arent placed in very useful places like they were in past games in terms of their usefulness in holding territory.
    • The design emphasis seems to be on encouraging infantry players to sneak behind the defense, a la Call of Duty. I personally hate this aspect of CoD and the ability in past BF games to dig in and put up a ferocious defense was one of my favorite aspects of BF. Strong defense walls are basically not possible anymore as the maps are designed more in the vein of CoD deathmatch as opposed to old fashioned BF territory domination.
    • The game is historically inaccurate to the point that it seems more like an alternate history, a la Wolfenstein, than a genuine attempt to at least have some semblance of an historically accurate game. The oft-discussed inclusion of women in front line infantry squads is immersion breaking. The selection of weapons and the too prominent use of holographic sites is immersion breaking for anyone who is a history buff. More generally, the game doesn’t really "feel" like a WWII game.
    • The war stories (single player) are all pretty bad. All of them focus way too much on stealth, which is a puzzling design choice given the fact that BF is known for gigantic battles. The stealth isn’t fun at all. The stories themselves are also not compelling at all – standard ham-handed video game storytelling. I will note that the war story with the female Norwegian resistance fighter is how the inclusion of women should be handled in a WWII game. It is well documented that women were active in the clandestine resistance movements. They were not, however, embedded in traditional infantry squads that took cities block by block.
    • There is an imbalance as it relates to the focus on squads and time to kill. The game focuses on squads, which I like. The problem is that if you squad spawn anywhere near the action, you will be killed almost instantaneously. This means that realistically, you’ll need to spawn at base or a control point if you want a decent chance at surviving a while.


    This is the worst Battlefield I have ever played. It’s not absolute garbage, but it is highly disappointing. I wouldn’t pay more than $30 for it, and that is pushing it.

    Hopefully Dice can get back to what made BF so fun to play. Unfortunately, this game is a shadow of what the series is at its best. Based on Dice’s attitude towards fans and EA’s business practices, I sadly don’t see the series improving any time soon.

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