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The Rise Of Transformers Games

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    Transformers: Devastation

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    The Rise Of Transformers Games

    Transformers Devastation is a game developed by Platinum Games and published by Activision. Released October 6, 2015 Transformers Devastation followed the toy line of Transformers Combiner Wars.


    The controls a simple and complex as they all look awesome. A player might find themselves learning combos, or button mash as all light and heavy attacks combine. After combos players will hear a noise and their character will flash, signaling the player they may do vehicle attacks. All 5 characters have their own special attacks that do a variety of things, from doing a but ton of damage to creating a shield for more defensive players. No matter what kind of player you are you will find the perfect play style.


    The story is a strong point of this game. It starts with Megatron starting to cyber form Earth while Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock go to save the day. The story is very cliche as it is very ¡°Bad guy does thing, good guys stop thing and save the day¡±. The course of the story covers 3 in game days. The game is very short but has replay value like none other with multiple difficulties, tons of collectibles and a challenge mode unlocked after game completion.

    Graphics (and Glitches)

    The environments look stunning. A part of that is attributed to the shaders which make it look like your in the original cartoon. It runs extremely well on PS4 and I never encountered any lag or glitches that happened repeatedly. The only bug I experienced was in Chapter 2 on an automated section where an error message would pop up, but the patched it and it remains to be one of the best looking games I own.


    The soundtrack is amazing. I wish there was an OST release of these songs. I find myself with these songs stuck in my head. The soundtrack is catchy, and there are no bad songs. I would recommend the game just for the soundtrack.

    Replay Ability

    As said earlier there are 3 difficulties and a challenge mode after completion but after you beat the 3 difficulties you get another difficulty. A great part of the game is the collectibles. Every time you capture a kreemzeek, or shoot a hidden Laserbeak/ Decepticon flag you get data files such as backstories or amazing art ranging from stage art to amazing pieces of art ranging from battles to group ¡°pictures¡±.

    Final Complaints

    The Downloadable Content is $5 just for costumes and weapon skins.

    The end credits scene is questionable if you don’t read the data logs.


    If you need a new hack and slash game or a Transformers fan always keep a lookout for this game, even if it’s not the best game you should still get it.

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