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The last time I buy a season pass

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    Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent

    Rating: 1.0 – Terrible

    The last time I buy a season pass

    I recently started replaying the original Dead Rising game, and it made me sad about the more recent releases in the series. The original Dead Rising features a sense of atmosphere and charm that is completely lost in future installments. In my review for the game that I wrote many, many years ago, I gave it 8/10, but if I could go back, I’d bump it up to a 9/10, as I feel it is truly the best game in the franchise, and quite possibly the best game Capcom put out all generation long.

    A lot has changed in the gaming world since the original Dead Rising released as an Xbox 360 exclusive. DLC has now taken over the industry as something all the big games must have, and with DLC has come "season passes". A "Season Pass" is where consumers can pre-order further DLC expansion packs for games at a slight discount.

    The DLC that has been released for Dead Rising 3 so far has put me off on the entire concept of a season pass. Out of the four expansions, I’ve only really enjoyed one of them. The other two were terrible, and The Last Agent, the final piece of Dead Rising 3 DLC, is by far the worst.

    The story is lazy and the missions are atrocious and frustrating. Most of the missions are designed to make you simply cover a long distance, going from point A to point B back to point A…you get the idea. This is done for no reason other than to pad out the gameplay time.

    The side missions are just retreads of side missions that we’ve seen in the other DLC packs. The Last Agent doesn’t have a single original thought in its brain, and the only reason I am not giving it an even lower score is because it does add a couple of cool new weapons to the proceedings. That being said, I don’t think $10 for a couple of new weapons and a bunch of awful missions is a good tradeoff.

    The Last Agent makes a very weak attempt to connect itself to the story of the main Dead Rising 3 game. Beyond that, it’s just a series of excuses to have players continue to explore Los Perdidos and kill zombies.

    I liked the core Dead Rising 3 game, and one of the expansion packs. However, the very low quality of the other three expansion packs, with this one being the absolute worst out of the bunch, has left me with a bad taste in my mouth regarding the Dead Rising franchise as well as the entire concept of a "season pass". There’s just too much risk involved in throwing your money behind something that isn’t even out yet, and when Capcom takes the extremely lazy way out like they did with the Dead Rising 3 DLC, it’s hard to get behind it anymore. I long for the days of the original Dead Rising, Frank West, and Wilamette Mall, but I’m afraid a gameplay experience like that will never be unleashed upon the world again.

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