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The Last of Us Game Review- Naughty Dog’s Next Heavy Hitter

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    The Last of Us Remastered

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    The Last of Us Game Review- Naughty Dog’s Next Heavy Hitter

    Coming out originally for the PlayStation three in 2013, and being remastered in 2014, The Last of Us Has now sold over eight million copies, and has won over two hundred and thirty-one game of the year awards.This game has won over the hearts of many fans since its release four years ago.

    With the announcement of The Last of Us: Part Two I saw it fitting to talk about the original game created by Neil Druckman and Bruce Straley. The announcement has caused millions of players to go back and replay the original game in hopes of killing time before the next part of the story comes out. However, we aren’t here to talk about the sequel just yet.

    When I played the last of us back in 2013 I stayed up all night and beat it in one go. Thirteen full hours of just playing this game. I couldn’t set down my controller. The story is very engrossing and plot driven. You fall in love the characters and feel all of their pain. Naughty dog did a tremendous job creating a game about love, companionship, and compassion. Every moment keeps you on edge as you inch your way to a closer relationship with the fourteen year old girl you keep in your care. In 2033 apocalyptic America you travel across the country seems to be very difficult as the closer you get to your destination the harder life becomes. Runners and Clickers roam the streets, and Hunters try to kill you around every corner. By the end of the game you are very sympathetic for the characters, touched by their actions, and left drooling for more. Through conversation, notes, and visual cues you begin to learn about the environment around you. What caused the infection, how people reacted, how people evolved, and hidden little clues that show you a much broader story than the one you’re given. Although the story is linear, there is a lot of freedom and exploration within the game. You must use your wits to collect every artifact, see everything possible, and talk to anybody that will listen. And if you’re looking to platinum this game then you better put your Indiana Jones cap on and start looking.

    Every inch of this game progresses the story between the two main characters, Joel and Ellie. Every section of this third person, action, RPG gives you a new area to explore and new character development. You are presented with puzzles, enemies, and action. Between fighting infected, running from Hunters, and searching for the Fireflies you begin seeing the world through Joel’s eyes and learning how he’s survived for twenty years. While playing as Ellie in the DLC and for a short time in the actual game you see her evolve and develop as a person. You learn of her past.

    As I mentioned they also released a DLC where you play as Ellie. This DLC, named Left Behind, opens up Ellie’s back-story. It shows you what shaped her into the character you love in the full game. This DLC is action packed and feels like its own little mini game rather than an expansion. It adds heavily to the world of The Last of Us and the story of the main game. You still scour the land for clues to help guide you through the twisted landscape and untold story 2033 America.

    The game has a weapon upgrading system, as well as a stat upgrading system, giving it that RPG aspect gamers love. You also travel through the game collecting training manuals that upgrade your skills/ equipment. New game plus allows you to go back through and play the game with your upgraded weapons, while keeping your upgraded stats and training manuals. New game plus is needed to complete the platinum trophy, but it also gives you a more relaxed feel to the game.

    For players seeking a heart breaking, sadistic challenge Naughty Dog released a DLC that included a higher difficulty than what originally came with the game. Grounded mode allows the most hardcore players to experience a challenge. Going through the game with no visible health bar, limited ammo, and supplies, few check points, and hordes of tough enemies. Although your health is decreased your damage is increased. I’ve noticed the same with human enemies. Decreased health, but increased damage. On infected, however, head-shots do count. Aim wisely when shooting, and save ammo.

    The game itself is flawless, with little to no glitches, perfect story and game play, and tough puzzles. Not only is there a flawless story, but it has a very entertaining and enjoyable multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is named factions. You chose a faction, either Hunter or Firefly, and you battle in teams of four in three different game modes. The multiplayer requires full focus and is unforgiving. You can create load outs to fit your play style, and you can customize your character’s look with different hats, masks, and gestures. The goal of the multiplayer is to survive for twelve weeks without having your clan completely wiped out. Every match you collect food to give to your clan. This keeps them healthy and brings more members into your clan Completing both factions, Hunter and Firefly, once you will be granted two golden trophies, needed to platinum the game. Even though the multiplayer is fun alone, it is much more fun while playing with four of your friends. Devising strategies, and helping each other through communication that you may not have with people over PlayStation Network. The multiplayer sadly does not incorporate the infected at all, but does show you what problems the Fireflies and Hunters may face behind the scenes of the main story.

    This game has shaped the lives of many, and has become a classic for this era in gaming. Revolutionary for it’s time, The Last of Us has become a favorite game of millions of people, and has shaped the way people look at gaming. Giving players a very involved main story, with lovable characters, and a larger much broader story behind it all. The multiplayer, and new game plus gives the game tons of replay value. Players still boot up their PlayStation to play this game. It hasn’t left the spotlight since its release, and will continue to be there until Part Two comes out.

    Make sure to check out part two of the game when it releases! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. I’m Hunter Claise, and thank you for reading

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