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The final old-school RE game is now on your PS4. Great huh? Yeah about that…

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    Resident Evil 0: HD Remaster

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    The final old-school RE game is now on your PS4. Great huh? Yeah about that…

    2002 was the peak of old school Resident Evil. The first movie (which is still terrible) was a big hit, and REmake was a bona fide classic. Capcom decided to strike while the iron was hot and release a new Resident Evil in the winter of 02. Resident Evil 0 was that game, and now we are gonna pop this baby open and see what’s under the hood. 0 had been stuck in development hell for years as the game had been planned ever since the first game became a hit. It had be conceived as a release for the N64DD device but was scrapped after that add-on bombed in Japan. Then it was planned to be just a cartridge release penned for a N64 release in 2000 but was again delayed due to hardware limitations. The reason for the N64 choice was that the Zapping system (where partners can switch in real time) was better suited to the 64 than the Playstation as the zapping was done to avoid load times. Capcom had promised Nintendo an exclusive RE game as they had a similar deal with Sony which was RE3. You can still see evidence of N64 RE0 today in the RE2 port on the N64, it had exclusive collectable files that talked about the story of RE0. Anyway, the game moved development to the Gamecube and was finally released in 2002.

    The story of 0 takes place one day before Resident Evil. You play as STARS rookie Rebecca Chambers whom is assigned to search the Arklay mountains for a missing prisoner named Billy Coen. The two meet in a stopped train that’s invested by zombies and some strange leech creatures. Together they must work together to find out just what is going on in this mountain range. The partner switching is seemless and the game was built around teamwork. There are even cameos from major characters like Albert Wesker and William Birkin. You also revisit certain areas from Resident Evil 2 to further increase the fanservice. The story is on the weak side as they could not do too much as they had to tie the story to the first game. The only new monsters (besides bosses) are leech zombies, and zombie monkeys.

    The game was last of the traditional RE games with fixed camera angles, limited ammo,etc. The problem was that REmake came out earlier in the year and completely stole its thunder. 0 still had zombies that didn’t revive without disposal, no defense items,etc. 0 feels like a step back from Remake in short. The two main problems with the game are the story and the item management. The story had to tow a tight line with Rebecca and Billy overcoming the odds and tying the game to RE1. It’s a very safe story, but it fails to connect Rebecca to her appearance in the first game. By the end of 0, she has plenty of firepower and had destroyed countless monsters, yet in RE1 she’s helpless. Its that disconnect that drags the game down. The worst is item management as item boxes are gone. Which means you’ll have to drop items, and then backtrack to get them or make multiple runs to get the necessary items to certain points and this is tedious as can be. You got two characters with 6 item slots but its still a chore to manage items.

    The Ps4 version adds some bells and whistles. You get the HD remaster and it looks great as well as trophy support. You also get Wesker mode after you beat the game, which is just Rebecca and then a Wesker skin for Billy but Wesker has superpowers and can mow down enemies as will. There are also exclusive costumes, which means everyone’s favorite…costume DLC. These aren’t necessary but if you really want to dress Rebecca up like a cheerleader be my guest. The game does unlock all the original 0 costumes at the beginning so that’s nice if you want to play with them upon the starting the game.

    Pros: The game looks great.

    It’s still really scary.

    You get a decent amount of new content.

    All the original costumes are unlocked at the start.

    Cons: The story is flat out weak.

    Item management sucks.

    Costume DLC…..oh hoo-ray.

    Conclusion: RE0 is definitely the weakest of the old school Resident Evils but there is still fun to be had here. Its usually on sale these days for under ten bucks or in a bundle with REmake for under 20 and that’s a good buy. Full price just for 0? No thanks. Its not a trainwreck but the game is a mid level entry at best.

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