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The fact of backtracking updates/patches

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    Dark Souls III

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    The fact of backtracking updates/patches

    Now, as a very advid player of the Dark Souls series, I can understand a point, and/or need for updates, and various multiplayer applications to be patched. I remember when force buffing was still a thing, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I didn’t use it to buff weapons or anything, I just used it for basic stuff, like using hidden weapon on the door shields (Which looked hilarious by the way) and other useless things that didn’t effect the daily meta fight clubs. Now, this is where I make my point.

    I had gotten the latest updates for the game, and I was sad that the force-buff was patched, but it didn’t really effect me that much. Now, fast-forward to today, and I no longer have PlayStation Plus, due to money being a little tight. I still play my PlayStation 4, playing games over again like Uncharted, and even No Man’s Sky. So, as a person without online utilities in Dark Souls, I decided, "Hey! I’m not gonna be online any time soon until I get my finances up, so, I’ll just delete the patches and mess around in the world with glitches, experiment with what I might have missed out on that might’ve been fun." So, here I go, and I delete the patch/updates for Dark Souls 3.

    Little did I know, doing so would essentially soft lock my Dark Souls, either until I got the updates again, or I deleted my save data, and start all over again. I’ve spent months playing this game, mainly for fun, a little bit of cooperating with my pals every now and then, and suddenly, I can’t play even offline anymore? if I were to wait now until another balancing patch, and get that update, it’d have no problem bumping the version data of my save file up to it’s patching standards, so why would I not be allowed to go the other way around? Now, I do indeed play "The Fire Fades" edition, so I don’t have to worry about DLC bugging out issues, so…what’s the problem here? I remember in the past if I did this with a game like Dark Souls 1, or even 2, I could uninstall patches and still play my data just fine. Why the sudden issue that causes you to lose your save data just because I decided to go back an update or two?

    Thanks for anybody’s reply in advance, and I’d really appreciate a decent answer, and have a nice day!

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