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The best space shooter on PS4 is a Call of duty game! Introducing, Infinite warfare .

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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    The best space shooter on PS4 is a Call of duty game! Introducing, Infinite warfare .

    Boy, was I happy when I saw the trailer for this game at E3. At 1st I thought it was a new star wars game, but it looked way to good for that. When I found out it was Call of Duty, I went nuts. I had just come off Black Ops 3 and loved that game. I was very excited.

    This game is developed by a different developer and they have a different style and approach, with that being said and understood, "infinity ward" did a very good job on this one. I really like the campaign its an emotional story and with out spoiling it, I enjoyed my 2nd and 3rd play through more knowing the stories outcome already, as weird as that sounds.The graphics were great, gunplay awesome, guns were very good and sounded "loud". This game has a lot going on but this is most defiantly a space shooter, with star fighter dog fights, huge scale starship destruction, anti gravity combat, boot on the planet & ship hull combat… lol.

    Zombies is really fun this year, they used the same engine as black ops3 it looks like, but now its an 80’s theme and its really fun. It’s not as serious as last time around and more focused on fun. Think gta san andres time frame, but with zombies. They have the season pass comes with 4 more zombie chapters, which if there as good as this one, I’ll be excited…

    Multiplayer, is really fun I think the maps are smaller making it more frantic. There are plenty of modes and if you don’t like people online they have bots with three difficulty levels, to play against. They have tons of maps and again with the season pass there are 4 times as many more.

    For an extra $20 you can get the legacy edition which comes with "infinity wards" most famous title modern ware in a remastered edition which is cool if you want that too. I got the regular edition as I’m more into modern COD.But now I must admit I regret that decision. Also I saw the digital deluxe version for $100 which included the legacy edition plus the season pass(oh well missed out on that).

    This game was really fun, very high quality as far as visuals, gameplay and sound design goes. The three modes all play well and are very interesting and entertaining. The stand out its the campaign this year but the two other modes do well to compliment each other for a complete package. If I have one complaint it’s there’s no secrets, accolades or perks? Wait thats three, lol . ok , then three.

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