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The Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition – Cheats

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    • Activating developer mode

      Edit your launching link and add "developer" behind the "The Banner Saga.exe" file’s path (without quotes). You’ll unlock developer mode and you can activate instant kills etc. from the top right.

    The Banner Saga 2 Cheats


    • Unlocking developer mode

      Edit your launcher link and add the "developer" word behind the executable (without quotes). Developer mode will be unlocked and you can use from the top right. E.g. "K" will do 100 strength damage to all enemies. You can also use the console to unlock more possiblities.

      Effect Code
      Adds an enemy to the battlefield spawnadd
      Where x = a hero name (this may cause game script problems, use with caution). No removal! saga roster_add x
      Will add all items (beware, doing in battle will grab your time) saga item_all
      Will open a market anywhere saga market_show
      Will refresh the market items saga market_refresh

    The Banner Saga 3 Cheats


    • Banner Saga 3 cheats

      Edit the launcher link (.LNK) and add "developer" word after your executable name, e.g.:
      "DRIVE:Banner Saga 3win32The Banner Saga 3.exe" developer

      You may see some console errors, but it will work. Once in game, use the Ctrl+Shift+’ combination to activate the console.

      You can use these key combinations without the console:
      Ctrl+Shift+] or K: Kill all enemies
      Ctrl+Shift+J: Kill selected enemy (be sure to select ENEMY, otherwise you will kill your hero)

      Tip: If you, for an "bad time" reason, couldn’t import your BS2 game into BS3, you shall edit the "last_chapter_save_id" and "last_checkpoint_save_id" (modify 15 to 14 in your save).

      Effect Code
      Adds 100 armor to your heroes (usable in battle) battle buffarmor
      Adds 100 strength to your heroes (usable in battle) battle buffstr
      Adds 999 renown to caravan saga set renown 999
      Adds a dredge Grunt enemy to the battlefield spawnadd
      Adds the named hero to your roster (no removal) saga roster_add HERO
      Fast movement in battles, fast scripted chats (sometimes it may crash your game, use in battles, only) fastall
      Gives all items (use items_unlock first) saga item_all
      Gives you the specified ITEM saga item_add ITEM
      Invisible units are shown (Skulkers) invis_show
      Kill the warped archer (replace "0" with a higher number to avoid its death) battle stat npc+0+warped_archer_1 STRENGTH 0
      List your heroes and the enemies in the battle (you’ll need the names for the "stat" cheats) battle entity
      Not an exact cheat, but you may want to use it to identify variable names (E.g. "saga vars caravan" will list caravan variables) saga vars
      Opens market (anywhere) saga market_show
      Refresh market items saga market_refresh
      Removes armor from a warped archer battle stat npc+0+warped_archer_1 ARMOR 0
      Removes the specified ITEM saga item_remove ITEM
      Set amount of the specified ITEM saga item_unit AMOUNT ITEM
      Sets an exiting variable to the specified THING (example below with renown) saga set VARIABLE THING
      Sets injury days (0 to remove) saga injury HERO days
      Sets kill amount for the HERO saga kills HERO AMOUNT
      Sets stat value for enemy – example below battle stat ENEMYNAME STATTYPE VALUE
      Unlock items items_unlock
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