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    LEGO The Incredibles

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Super okay

    LEGO The Incredibles is a step forward for the LEGO games in some small ways, and in others.. it’s exactly what you’ve come to expect. The game feels very similar to the already released LEGO Marvel games, and struggles a bit to forge its own identity. The addition of the new "Crime Wave" mechanic is very welcome, as it encourages players to visit the open-world more often. The story missions are serviceable, but the game only becomes truly humorous and creative in its second half. That is to say, the "Incredibles 2" levels are not terribly memorable or enjoyable beyond their cinematic value. There is very little in the way of intelligent gags or parodies of the source material until the original movie’s levels become playable.

    The "Free Play" mode leaves a lot to be desired, primarily because the Mini-Kit canisters are hidden in tedious and bland locations which require little imagination to uncover. The reward for completing the mini-kits is often a cute new vehicle that can be fun to toy around with for a few minutes while you clean up any remaining open-world challenges. The reward for completing the game 100%, on the other hand, is also absolutely non-existent. It’s not that the reward is underwhelming, it just doesn’t exist at all. Obtaining all 200+ gold bricks gets you absolutely nothing, aside from the satisfaction that you’ve completed everything there is to offer.

    The trophies present in the PS4 version are far too situational to be of any casual entertainment value, unless you are desperate for more to do after you finish the game in the 15 hours or so a 100% run may take.

    There isn’t anything necessarily wrong or bad about LEGO The Incredibles, but it’s unlikely to persuade anyone who has found the recent crop of LEGO games to be unsatisfactory when compared with the old formula. This game does take a big step toward providing incentive for players to explore the open-world, though, and I think that’s commendable, even if the Crime Waves become repetitious when played back-to-back. I strongly advise anyone curious about newer LEGO games to start here, as this is a good representation of what LEGO games have evolved into. For anyone who’s already been a fan -or is at least aware of the newer formula- it’s exactly what you think it is. LEGO The Incredibles isn’t Incredible, but it’s super okay.

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