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Sonic Forces Me to Make a Review

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    Sonic Forces

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Sonic Forces Me to Make a Review

    Sonic Forces, a game that has left a sour aftertaste after the sweet spot Mania gave. Before you think I will give this game the praises I give my beautiful queen, Ruach Ha Kodesh, I won’t; but I’ll tell you this, what I’m about to say is just based on my experience with the game itself.

    Sonic Funnies

    The Story is absolutely the silliest and funniest one I have ever heard EVER, and it didn’t tried to be funny. Things like “Eggman’s been torturing Sonic for six month to Infinite boasting about how powerful he is when every fight with him is a joke makes me laugh with joy. Now on to the story, it supposed to be about Eggman finally beating Sonic for the first time (with the help of Infinite) and then taking over the world, with Knuckles forming a resistance with almost all of your favorite Sonic Characters planning to recruit a new member THAT YOU GET TO MAKE that they called Rookie. They fact that your avatar can be seen in any cut scene is amazing and speaks value into the story and it’s nice to see yourself or in my case an OC have a place in the story. Classic Sonic…to the average gamer who have already gotten Mania, this is a huge slap in the face for them.

    It’s time for you to make your OC, get your fan art ready.

    The Avatar creation system is one of the best parts in this game, they even got some of the best levels in the game, bar Aqua Road. However you get to make you Fursona or an OC to play as in the Avatar stages. You can make it from seven of the following species: a Dog, a Wolf, A Bear, A Bird, A Cat, A Rabbit, or A Hedgehog. You start limited, but as you progress through the game, you unlock more option to customize your Avatar of which is nice. However if you are reading this review and are about to make the game, make your first Avatar count since you can only make one Avatar until you beat the game because of the story.

    Boost to Win

    Now let’s get to the Gameplay part, aka the meat of the game. Modern Sonic has the boost gameplay you know and love, however there have been some changes, but let’s start with the good. For starters, you can now boost in the air again. Secondly, if you have the Super Sonic DLC, Modern Sonic transforms into Super Sonic instantly after getting 50 rings with a button press, making the experience a lot better. Third the Wisp return as fuel for your Boost Meter and you can also refill it by killing Eggmansâ€?Badniks and this time Rings won’t do any more meaning you might want to learn the stage or boss fight first before boosting for glory. Sadly, Sonic can no longer do the following: Drift around tight corners nor can he do trick for more boost meter refill, hindering the fun quite a bit. However if you got the Episode Shadow DLC, you can play as Shadow in some of Sonic’s Stages, but flames don’t go out of his rocket shoes anymore even though it’s just a nitpick as he’s fun to play as despite being the same as Modern Sonic since he does has some unique animations to make you feel special for playing as him.

    Rookie the Original Character, Do not Steal!

    You Avatar as mentioned earlier play almost in the same fashion like Modern Sonic, but instead of boosting in insane amounts of speeds, he/she can use a Wispon to destroy even more Badniks or Robot as Omega calls them. Each Wispon has an attack and a special ability gain from the matching Wisp, for example, Void, my favorite, creates a giant black hole to suck Badniks and Rings in and with the Purple Wisp, you can teleport to the direction you’re holding making their stages, well most of them, much better as they can help you mess around or find shortcut as well as make you find reasons to hate Aqua Road.

    Not Again!!!

    Classic Sonic…is actually quite fun once you get used to him. He comes with the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania and has a retro styled Super Sonic theme as well. Sadly his levels are some of the worse in the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have myself some Casino Forest since that level is actually good once you know how to play that level and his Super Sonic is the best, but he can barely gain speed while running down slopes as much as the Avatar can by running on FLAT GROUND!!! This means you’ll be forced to roll down slopes a lot or Drop Dash to a bottomless pit, if you abuse the Drop Dash. He’s the worst character in the game, but thankfully he’s playable.

    Fist Bump

    Tag Team stages are the best parts of the game for it is your Avatar and Sonic blasting through the stage with joy. And the best part is the Double Boost that allows you to mow through enemies as they are one giant bubble wrap. They are really fun.

    The Stages

    The Stage are in huge amounts, but there are very few stages that are fun to play like and these are the stages I find fun to play without the influence of SOS mission or Daily Mission in no order: Space Port, Luminous Forest, Arsenal Pyramid, Capital City, Park Avenue, Casino Forest, Null Space, and Guardian Rock. There are 30 regular stage to play in, 3 DLC Stages, and 10 Secret Stages, and 10 EX Stages which totals to 53, but they are very short to about 1:30-3 minutes each, and there is only three good boss battles. For most of them, I take an SOS mission of a Daily Mission for me to revisit them. About the secret stages, they are unlocks by S Racks and EX stage are unlocked by getting Red Star Ring.


    Sonic Forces may not be the best game, but it at least is worth the $40 price tag, but not anywhere above $50 as is has some problem in it as well such as Classic Sonic having some of the worst levels, and very few good bosses and levels to play with the influence of the SOS mission and Daily Missions.

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