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PlayStation 4's very best game.

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    Final Fantasy XV

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    PlayStation 4's very best game.

    Final Fantasy XV is right up with Kingdom Hearts 2 as one of the best JRPG titles ever made!

    The combat system is fast and fluid, with a vast variety of movesets and enemies. The game always throws something new at you at every corner to freshen things up. The only problems I have with it is the lacklustre story and the side characters but the main cast and villain are amazing and more than make up for it. The open-world is extremely detailed, filled with unique locations and sense of atmosphere. It really gives the sense that you are on a road-trip with these 4 funny awesome bros. The graphics are by far the best out of any game currently in the PS4 library and animations are extremely detailed. I played the game for over 90 hours and still found new animations in the car rides or just idle animations that I didn’t see before. The fact that the game allows you to listen to old Final Fantasy tracks is amazing and great fan service that isn’t disgraceful to the series (unlike Cindy).

    Speaking of music, this has to be the greatest soundtrack to any JRPG ever made. Tracks like Apocalyptis Noctis and Hellfire are out of this world with godlike orchestrations. FFXV evokes a sense of awe and wonder at every turn: you could be driving toward a side quest objective and then get completely side tracked into doing an imperial base infiltration as you see a giant imperial ship fly over your head to a nearby base. There are unique moments like this sprinkled throughout the entire game. Certain camps have entire side quests dedicated to them where they build upon the bonds between the four bros and give further character development. The bosses found in the game are incredibly spectacular. Each of them have these dynamic camera-movements and cinematic presentations that make you feel like youre playing the Advent children movie! Yes there are quick-time events but these are spectacular segments with a lot of care and attention put into them.

    Overall I’d say FFXV did a tremendous job at revolutionising the series since Final Fantasy VII and keeping things fresh after so many years of having turn-based games. Final Fantasy is finally back to evoking the same awe and wonder it did back in the PlayStation 1 era with gorgeous graphics, brilliant art direction and gameplay. It is a must have for PlayStation 4 owners despite its problems.

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