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Pac-Man is boring

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    Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    Pac-Man is boring

    Ahh, Pac-Man. One of the most well known video game characters of all time. What’s not to like about him? Well…his first video game is one thing.


    Pac-Man has you controlling the praticular character, Pac-Man, in a blue maze. You go around eating pellets and bonus fruit. You are getting chased by four ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, as you try to eat all the pellets to move on to the next stage. You can eat Power Pellets to eat the ghost, and there are four in each stage. Lose all your lives and it’s game over. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, here’s my problem…

    That’s all you do

    There is no real twist to the gameplay, outside of the ghost behavior and speed up. Heck, even if there was some twist, it’s just not fun. Pac-Man occasionally gets stuck on corners, the ghosts’ behavior is annoying, and it’s obnoxious. There are achievements, but they are very easy to get. In addition, the game is not very pricey, so it’s a pretty good time waster, but that’s about all I can say on gameplay.

    The graphics are fine. They look cute and are generally easy to replicate. Don’t be expecting high quality art, as it was made in the eighties. Pac-Man’s just a circle, the ghosts has 2 frames of animation for each animation, power pellets are just a recolored Pac-Man, and the font is the classic 8-bit font seen in a lot of arcade/NES games. Nothing special, but very classic.

    Music and sfx
    There aren’t a lot of sfx or music in the game, so there isn’t much to cover here. Just thought I mention, though, that the pellet eating sound and the death jingle both use two different sfxs.

    Pac-Man had not aged well at all. The gameplay is so samey, the ghost behavior is annoying as all heck, and it’s just boring. I do not recommend buying this game in favor of Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. That game gives a perfect spin on the Pac-Man formula, so as not to be obnoxious.

    Graphics are good
    Characters are cute
    It was the beginning of video game characters
    It’s a classic…
    …that has not aged well
    Ghost behavior can ruin runs
    Pac-Man gets stuck a bit
    Never changing gameplay
    So dull

    Final Score: 2/10 – Pac-Man is a very poor game, I do not recommend it.

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