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One Year Later – Overwatch

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    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    One Year Later – Overwatch

    My "One Year Later" series takes a game that’s been out for a year+ time and re-evaluates where a game is now as opposed to a right-after-launch review.

    NOTE: Most of this is in regard to the console release of Overwatch. PC community is slightly different but the investment is definitely longer-lasting for a PC player.

    Overwatch is still a good looking and aesthetically pleasing game. A lot of time and effort was clearly made to make these characters and the world of Overwatch it’s own unique being. Constant updates and additions of new content keep the players interested and coming back.

    Sadly, like most competitive FPS, this is Overwatch’s biggest weakness. While mechanically all characters have differing roles and offer a lot of variance to play the game; quite often matches are brutally one-sided. Frustration will quickly ruin anyone’s gaming session, whether it’s casual or competitive because of this. Balance issues as well as issues with the community is mostly to fault.

    I’ve had a 30/70 split of good and bad interactions. I’ve been verbally harassed multiple times on both Casual and Competitive, for being too good and too bad. Also the overall immaturity and attitude of the community is a turn off, despite that I can absolutely have a few good games and social interactions, they are rare.

    Most importantly the "reward". Playing competitive earns you points to a gold weapon; as well as giving you SR value that attributes to your rank. As someone who plays moderately, neither of these really interest me. There as been no news for console of any type of Xbox or PS4 official competition either. Outside of seasonal events and the standard fare, I have little reason to check out Overwatch.

    Constant updates and content is good and I still have an interest in keeping my eye on Overwatch even if I have little vested in playing Overwatch currently. Some of the lore and movies released really makes me consider that OW should have been an animated Netflix series; given it’s quality and content.

    While I’m still hopeful to go back and play Overwatch for seasonal events, I do not see a future for this game on the console scene. Eventually Blizzard, like Valve for TF2 on Orange Box, will set their sights on the much more dedicated and easier to manage PC fans. While this game still has all the charm it had when it debut, the vicious technicality and even more vicious community keep me at a distance when looking at Overwatch One Year Later.

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