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Oh, it’s a puzzle game after all

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    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Oh, it’s a puzzle game after all

    This game is just average. Get it? Average Volume? You’d think it was a stealth game, since you have to reach the end of the level without being seen, but it’s hard to pinpoint the goal of this strategy. Everything about it militates against the perspective of stealth. You have a top down perspective, which means it’s very difficult to maneuver, or actually that you have no room to maneuver (the levels are never more than moderately sized). You have enemies with a very large sight radius, so they can catch you doing almost anything. The enemies never move outside their predetermined paths unless they hear you, which makes the game a little sour.

    You have very few tools at your disposal for avoiding notice. I think you get 3 in all (I could be mistaken), and not right away. So, this is a stealth game, but you have limited means of avoiding detection. You’re not allowed to takedown enemies in the shadows. You must simply avoid them. The game is very out of fashion for this reason. I could see a game like this in the old days of gaming, when it wasn’t clear which elements to include in a genre, but only way back then.

    The game is, now that I’ve written all this and I can see what elements it has, clearly a puzzle game. It has no strategy, but it has a lot of riddles. If you enjoy puzzles, then you could also enjoy this game. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you enjoy puzzles.

    Your character (you get one for the whole game, I believe) cannot dash. He creeps steadily, and cannot slow down either.

    There are round icons to collect in many stages, but they don’t offer you anything, like upgrades. No upgrades. Your goal, if you replay the game, is to beat your old time for each stage, instead of achieving a high score. A good thing about the game is that there are no star rankings, so you don’t have to get, say, 3 stars on one level JUST to advance to a new level.

    The dialogue is never more than average, too. Sometimes a narrator will interact with your character verbally while in stage, in a British accent, but without flair: the voiceovers are delivered in a naive style, in a way that suggests "I fully believe what I’m saying," which is against the grain of irony in many voiceovers. The narrator could even be considered a distraction. Sorry to be so harsh.

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