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Not too shabby

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    Injustice 2

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Not too shabby

    For a game meant to hold us over between Mortal Kombat releases, Injustice 2 does a good job of that. However, the story mode offers little replay value, the online community is toxic and only use the same 3 characters, and the Multiverse/Arcade modes get stale.

    The story mode has an intriguing tale, but with only two endings, you can fully experience it in little time. I saw the story mode as nothing more than a quick opportunity to level up a few characters. Each chapter also gives you a unique shader and Epic Level 20 gear piece for the character used, along with random gear after some of the fights.

    The online community generally sticks to characters they can easily spam, such as Black Adam and Aquaman. I would simply recommend avoiding it completely. If you do go online however, Guilds can give you substantial rewards.

    The Multiverse is a fun arcade mode in which special modifiers affect many of the matches, such as the inability to jump, or the screen being flipped upside down. It is by far my favorite mode, but tends to get old. Many of the modifiers get repeated, and you often have to do 3-12 fights with the same character and modifier, for the small reward of like 15 pieces of useless gear.

    The characters look amazing, with realistic facial expressions, unique dialogue, and Gear and Shaders so you can customize them however you like. The game’s massive roster is lots of fun to experiment with, and many characters to level up and unlock lots of fun new Gear.

    Finally, the Gear System in the game is unreliable. Useful gear is rarely found, and even less frequently for characters you actually use. Also in the gear menu you can find "Premium Shaders", special skins bought with "Source Crystals", which you can only discover a limited number of. You can only obtain enough Crystals to get two Premium Shaders. The rest must be obtained through micro-transactions. This is a shame because many of the best skins, such as Power Girl, John Stewart, Mr. Freeze, Jay Garrick, and Eobard Thawne are Premium Shaders.

    In conclusion, while Injustice 2 is an enjoyable game, it has its flaws. I would recommend it, as getting all characters to Level 20 is a fun challenge, but it may end up just another game sitting in your library after a few months.

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