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Not a disaster, but not a success.

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Not a disaster, but not a success.

    While it may be true that Mass Effect Andromeda is plagued with bad word of mouth, the game still has some interesting things to offer old and new fans of the series alike. Despite it’s shortcomings I think it’s worth a play– especially if you played the trilogy and enjoyed the universe.

    While I’ve heard many rumors about buggy gameplay– some of which are gamebreaking and I have experienced myself– these occurrences were rare for me and most of the time a simple fix. In the digital age of gaming and day-one-patches, I’ve come to expect games releasing and being incomplete, so I wasn’t at all shocked to come across these issues. For the most part the combat is extremely fun. It’s a little strange at first, especially if you’d played Mass Effect 3 just before booting it up. But it was fairly easy to adjust to and I was able to get the hang of it in no time, meaning it’s friendly to both veteran Mass Effect players and newcomers. I particularly liked the use of the jump pack during battle and the auto cover system. For me, the gameplay was probably the best part of the game.

    It’s a little unfortunate, too, since my favorite aspect of the original trilogy was the story and characters. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike the story or characters by any means. I simply think the trilogy left shoes that were too big to fill, and despite the promise of a new galaxy, it didn’t feel as grand in scope compared to the others. The tone is much lighter and hopeful in this one and I actually really appreciated it. It’s definitely a feel good game in that sense. The dialogue– especially when it comes to romances– can feel very cheesy very quickly. It didn’t bug me particularly, but I can understand it being a turn off for other players.

    All in all, I personally found it to be a good buy. It honestly wouldn’t feel like a Bioware game without a little bit of cheese and some bugs. I am frustrated at some of it’s lower quality aspecties, as the game was in development for several years and they had plenty of time to add some polish to it. I have no doubts that there will be more patches and add-ons to the game in the future, but it will probably be another few months before the game has better potential. I probably won’t play though it again until that happens, and I recommend that players who aren’t long time fans or have doubts also wait before purchasing the game as well.

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