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Nintendo Switch Console – Will this console be scalped like the nes classic?

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    Nintendo Switch Console

    Question: Nintendo Switch Console – Will this console be scalped like the nes classic?

    Likely but it’s not Christmas….. so not as many people trying to feed the consumer appetites of their children. Don’t play Nintendo’s emotional games in trying to hold back items and feed the scalpers. I say boycott if they pull this crap again.

    If you ABSOLUTELY MUST have this as soon as its released, and are willing to pay an absurd amount of money, then the problem is with YOU and not the scalpers. People fail to understand that they take advantage of people who have no patience and cannot wait. Its supply and demand. A basic principle of economics. If I can get my hands on an extra one and some moron is willing to pay double for it because they and/or their spoiled brat kid can’t wait to have it, then I am absolutely going to jack the price up and make a profit.

    Jennifer makes no sense, why would Nintendo intentionally hold something back instead of making money. Not only will they lose sells that way, but customer get upset.

    It is being scalped big time by other amazon dealers as of now

    NES classic had less than 200,000 units available the 1st month. the switch will have at least 2 million units available worldwide day 1. With the US being a larger market and Nintendo reportedly ramping up production, it may be easier to find than an NES classic after a month or 2…. I have yet to see an NES classic in store.

    preorders already on ebay for 500 dollars

    No one can say for sure but seems likely, especially considering it’s a new console launch. Most consoles are scalped at least for a little while at launch, length of time will depend on how successful the system is – the more successful, the more Nintendo will produce, and more stock makes scalping less profitable.

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