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Nintendo Switch Console – Should i buy a switch if i have the xbox one x?

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    Nintendo Switch Console

    Question: Nintendo Switch Console – Should i buy a switch if i have the xbox one x?

    Lol yes Nintendos games are always 10/10 I’d get mario oddesy, breath of the wild, and mario party at least

    If you asked playstation to xbox I would say your wasting money. one or the is good. To answer your question yes the Nintendo switch would be a nice addition. It is different from any other system. You can pick it up and go don’t need a tv to play. As long as it is charged you can play anywhere. Plus you get different type of games like mario and zelda. A completely different gaming experience. If you can use 2 systems and afford them then yes the switch is a nice addition.

    The Switch allows you to play games at home and on the go and the Xbox One X can play 4K Ultra-HD HDR games, but it ultimately depends on whether you want it or not. I think you should because with it, you’re able to play games on the go and at home and you’d also have the Xbox One X that allows you to play remarkably graphically-enhanced games. Overall, it’s your choice if you want one, but your choice if you want one or not. Also, if you do decide to get one, get a system with red and blue Joy-Cons instead of gray ones. And for a portable charger get the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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