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Nintendo Switch Console – Can you play wii games on it?

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    Nintendo Switch Console

    Question: Nintendo Switch Console – Can you play wii games on it?


    If you’re looking for backwards compatibility with Wii games, you should pick up a Wii U. While the system is pretty much dead(no longer manufactured by nintendo), it has full backwards compatibility with all Wii games.

    No, Because the Switch doesn’t use disks, it uses cartridges. There is a possibility of some wii games popping up on the nintendo e shop someday though.

    Yes, but you will face possible bans for using exploits. Look up GBATemp and HomeBrew. Emulators.

    No, you cannot, which is fine because the Switch will render all other games obsolete. A new age of gaming has begun. The lines between console and mobile are being blurred. An evolution has been sparked and only the strong will survive.

    Not Wii Disk games. Possible ports.

    No, it doesn’t use disks.


    No, there’s nowhere to stick a Wii disc at. So you can’t pop a Wii disc in there and play it.

    No – the games for the Switch are same size and format like a SD memory card….very small. However, you can go to the online store and find a very very wide selection of new and older classic games.

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