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Nintendo Switch Console – Can i connect this to my pc monitor or tv?

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    Nintendo Switch Console

    Question: Nintendo Switch Console – Can i connect this to my pc monitor or tv?

    Yes you can

    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my niece so not exactly sure what the connection process is. My understanding is that this includes a dock that plugs into a tv or monitor via usb or hdmi cable, again not sure how it connects. You then place the handheld unit into the dock and set up the controller and play via the tv or monitor.

    Assuming your monitor or TV have an HDMI input, yes. If your monitor requires a VGA or DVI input type, you can purchase an HDMI to VGA/DVI adapter, which would easily solve your problem.

    Yes, as long as it has an hdmi input. You just plug it in to both the monitor/tv and the switch.

    Your TV yes, not sure about your pc monitor.

    Yes! Using HDMI!

    yes, you can connected to your TV

    The two prior answers are correct. The only thing I might add is that you can connect the DOCKING station to your TV or monitor, provided they have an hdmi input. The console tablet cannot be connected directly with your TV or monitor yet. There is a separate cord you can purchase that allows you to connect to the docking station, but all that does is remove the need for you to constantly dock and undock the tablet (and avoid scratching the screen in the process).

    Yes, you can.

    1.) To connect to your pc monitor, check out this youtube instruction:
    >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yYEm9j4ikQ

    2.) To connect to your TV, follow the instruction by checking this link:
    >> http://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22372/~/how-to-connect-nintendo-switch-to-a-tv

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