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Nintendo does right by its brand and vision, though expensively so.

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    Nintendo Switch

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Nintendo does right by its brand and vision, though expensively so.

    It’s hard to talk about the Switch without talking about the Wii U. I’ll keep it brief – the Wii U was a failure. The Switch is already impressive to me and fits the vision I had for the Wii U. It didn’t take long for me to be happy with the controllers, the console dock and the console itself. The *click* when the joycons are connected is satisfying. The build quality for the handheld is good, and for my little hands, it feels pretty good. Good size, good weight, good feel. The system software is simple and to the point. Get me to my games, get me to all the useful options on a single screen. THANK YOU.

    The versatility of the joycons is great. They can remain on the sides of the tablet for portable/handheld gaming. They can be removed and put into a bracket that simulates a somewhat standard controller layout. Or they can be used separately in games like 1,2 Switch or Snipperclips. I’ve already enjoyed all of that – nice relaxing night playing Zelda on the big screen, followed by a night playing Snipperclips with my girlfriend, followed by some handheld Zelda while my daughter watched a cartoon. And unlike the baffling decision for the Wii U tablet to basically be a lousy handheld client with no useful range… the Switch tablet is the console. Better performance seems to occur in the dock, but, you don’t have a pitiful tether range the same way you might with the Wii U. Nope, this is essentially another portable Nintendo system if you’d like it to be. So good.

    So yeah, I’m pleased right away. But if you prefer a pro console or you’d like a screen protector or another charger, those are available. They are EXPENSIVE for what you get. Nintendo is not fooling around. They want your money! And this is the real main complaint about the console – it costs $300 and feels like too much. Joycons are $80, pro controller $70, added charger $30, a cheap case $30. And new Amiibos, etc. You don’t even get a pack-in game for the console. And then you might pick up $50 1,2 Switch and realize it’s a scam. You’re in it for Zelda, you’ll convince yourself to buy shovelware and Amiibos and expensive accessories. So to buy the console, and to buy a controller that most people would actually want to use, and a game…you’re looking at $430, just for some basic launch experience.

    Other complains… the kickstand is flimsy (but it does work). The console only comes with 32GB of memory (though you can actually expand it easily). The plastic unit that the joycons snap into doesn’t charge the joycons. Another $30 if you want one of those. Yep. The dock is kinda cheap and the cords are cheap and short. Not a big deal, except it’s easy to scratch the screen on the dock. How much is a reputable Nintendo approved screen protector…?

    So, if you can deal with the amount of money Nintendo wants, then you’ve got a good piece of hardware. Do your own research as to failure rates, youtube videos of people with issues, etc. Speaking of youtube, this console doesn’t have much of an app catalog. I don’t care, but worth looking into.

    The verdict after one week… B. It’s a nice console, still much to be shown, but man is it expensive. It feels like Nintendo is figuring out who they need to be… sadly it involves mobile games and Amiibos and friend codes (still!!!!!) and overpriced accessories. I could see this console really being an A down the line.

    Rating:   4.0 – Great

    Product Release: Nintendo Switch (Gray) (US, 03/03/17)

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