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Nazi zombies­­

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    Zombie Army Trilogy

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Nazi zombies­­

    Perhaps inspired by the success of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, Rebellion Developments decided to create zombie-themed expansions for its Sniper Elite games. Zombie Army Trilogy is a collection of the first two Sniper Elite zombie expansions and a brand new one built from the ground up.

    Zombie Army Trilogy plays like one would expect; which is to say, it feels like Sniper Elite with zombies. However, the addition of zombies makes snipers less of a necessity, and players are free to experiment a bit more with their loadouts than they can afford to do in the main games. The zombies also change the experience from being stealth-based to much more action-oriented, with a lot of running from one point to the next and killing enemies.

    With co-op for up to four players, Zombie Army Trilogy may sound very appealing to people that are fans of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode or games like Left 4 Dead, but its execution is a bit sloppy. Like the Sniper Elite games, Zombie Army Trilogy lacks polish, and there are glitches and technical issues that keep it from reaching its true potential.

    It also doesn’t help that the gameplay is very one note and hardly evolves from one lengthy level to the next. There’s not a lot of variety in the mission objectives or anything, and really all players do is kill a ton of zombies. Considering this, the horde mode kind of seems redundant.

    So, the gameplay gets a bit stale after a few hours, and there’s not a lot of variety in the missions, but it’s still fun with the right group of people. There are certain sections that are especially entertaining, where players have to defend specific areas from the undead, and are encouraged to set traps and work together to repel their attack. These are the most entertaining portions of the game, so it’s unfortunate that much of it is just running through the linear levels.

    The game lacks variety in other areas as well, namely with its graphics. Not only are the visuals generally pretty muddy and lackluster, but there’s a lot of repeating textures and areas that look samey. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference from one mission to the next because of how similar each stage looks.

    One could forgive the weak graphics if the story was enough to draw players into the game world, but Zombie Army Trilogy has a thin setup. The gist of the game is that Hitler has managed to raise an army of the undead as a last ditch effort to win World War II. There aren’t a lot of cut-scenes or anything like that to get invested in the story, and while there are four distinct characters to choose from, none of them get any character development.

    Really the plot is just an excuse to have players murder a ton of zombies. And that’s fine, even though it does get old before too long. Having said that, anyone that really finds themselves enjoying the game will be happy to know that it is packed with content. Each level is relatively lengthy, there is four-player co-op supported, and there is the horde mode to play through as well.

    Zombie Army Trilogy has a lot of content, and while not all of it is very compelling, it can be a fun co-op experience with the right group of friends. Anyone looking for a new co-op experience on Xbox One, should certainly give the game some consideration despite its shortcomings, though it may not be worth it at full price.

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