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My Hero One’s Justice

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    My Hero One’s Justice

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    My Hero One’s Justice


    Hero Academia, an anime that’s taken the world by storm. The culture clash of American-style super heroes in an anime, the enormous cast of diverse characters, all of the high level action, and of course its popularity, led to a Boku No Hero Academia video game being both created and localized (most anime-based games are Japan only). Being a fan of the anime, and being a lover of 3D fighting games, I preordered this game as soon as I had the money for it. Now, does the game live up to the hype and expectations? Lets get into the review~!

    Story is pretty straightforward, it mostly consists of extremely abridged scenes from the anime. It covers some iconic scenes from the anime and it being so heavily shortened is nice as it adds context to the fights but doesn’t make you read tons of stuff you’ve seen before. In addition to the story there’s some "alternative events", which are bonus scenes that are probable but technically not canon, these mostly consist of training and lighthearted sparring/bickering. In general, this game is focused on the fighting, not the story, and that totally works for a fighting game based on an anime you’ve watched.

    First off, My Hero One’s Justice is a 3D fighting game, you and the enemy duke it out while running around a 3D field. Second off, not all of the characters appear in this game, if its important to you I suggest looking up a list of who’s included in this game. The controls are simple and straightforward but take some getting used to. As with any fighting game, you have a variety of attacks, tons of melee attacks ranging in strengths, projectiles, and numerous super moves. Each character has two unique super moves, the second being their ultimate move. As you fight you charge up bars of energy which can be spent on your ultimate move, ultimate moves have a short video of your character doing the attack on the enemy. As the characters in Hero Academia are so diverse, each character fights differently and has different attacks and nuances. Some characters are better at combos, some characters are faster than others, some characters have better ultimate moves, some have additional special abilities such as using fire or transforming into the enemy, some have extremely long range attacks while some are extremely short ranged, and so on. In addition to this, only some of the characters have grab moves, but all of the characters do have guard breaking moves. As the characters are so varied, some do become overpowered, the most obvious case being Todoroki, who can send flames across the battlefield, while also sending ice everywhere that lingers for a few moments on the field, touch it at all and you’ll instantly freeze for a brief period of time. Of course this can be seen as emulating what these characters are like in the anime, but it does get annoying when nearly everyone you fight online is Todoroki or some other overpowered character (they are beatable, but its so easy to dominate as them). This also leads to some characters being more challenging to use, which is fine if you’re up for a challenge of mastering a tricky character. The game also makes use of sidekicks, you’re able to select up to two characters to fight beside you, these sidekicks charge over time and are basically used as special attacks. Some sidekicks grab the enemy, some attack the enemy, some move you out of the way, and so on. It will take some experimenting to see who is most useful to you as a sidekick.

    In general the gameplay is easy to do but can be tricky at first. This is because the game uses the same buttons for different attacks, there’s numerous attacks that require you to hold down R1, so it can be very easy to accidentally trigger a super move in the heat of the moment when you didn’t mean to (leading to the attack missing and wasting it). After you get the hang of how the controls work though, the game becomes extremely fun. The battles in this game get extremely fast-paced and pretty intense, with you and the enemy constantly darting and leaping around, flying at each other, both doing all sorts of attacks and combos. The intensity of the fights, and the high rate of attacks and movements, makes this game super engaging and tons of fun. The characters can also even fight on the walls or even mid-air, which makes the fights feel really over the top when you punch someone into a wall, then jump onto the wall sideways, fight them sideways on the wall, knock them into the air, then slam them back into the ground. The controls are on the simple-side control wise, there isn’t a tremendous amount of complex moves something like Soul Calibur would have, but if you enjoy the fighting in games like Senran Kagura, then you should have fun playing this. Despite it being a little simple though, there definitely is strategy involved (especially online), and you can completely master the attacks, combos, and nuances of a character. All in all, this game is extremely fun. The game provides numerous modes of play so lets get into those as some provide additional experiences to the gameplay.

    Story Mode
    The story mode is well, the story mode. It lets you play the story mode from both the hero and villain perspectives which is definitely cool as I like the villains more (HIMIKO BEST GIRL!). Story mode follows some iconic scenes from the anime in extremely abridged forms, it basically sets up the fights for the story mode. This mode was a ton of fun as it makes you play a lot of different characters, many of which I normally would’ve never played as. It also provides unique challenges such as making you use characters you aren’t used to and situational challenges, such as the enemy having their ultimate move fully charged from the get go. The story mode is broken up into a ton of little segments, most including a playable fight, but some are also just story. My only issue with this is when the story could’ve been easily added onto a fighting segment, as its annoying to click and load for just 15 – 20 lines of text. Other than that though, I really enjoyed the story mode and it was quite fun.

    Mission Mode
    This is the hardest (and most confusing) mode for me. Mission mode is essentially the challenge mode. You create a team of characters (one acts as the main, and the other two become your sidekicks, and you can switch who’s the main each fight), you then have to progress though a series of fights without proper healing. For example, if you lose 20% of your health, that damage will remain in the next fight. But there are items you can gain from winning fights, these are things such as potions and stat buffs. I find this mode confusing though because if I die, the character becomes fully healed instead being unusable. The way its structured makes me feel like defeated characters should not come back unless revived, and you should game over if the whole party dies. But instead the defeated characters become healed, which makes it so you can farm deaths and heal without use of any items, this issue really needs to get patched. I also find this mode to be super hard, like the enemies have an increased defense or something, I swear my attacks deal less damage in this mode. As this is essentially a challenge mode, increased difficulty is expected.

    Quick Battle
    This is the basic VS mode, you against the CPU or a friend who’s in the same room as you. Its a straightforward pick your player (and the enemy) and fight a round. I found the difficulty to be lowered on this mode, which makes it perfect practice material for when you’re learning the game. Hey, I sure talked about this part of the game quickly, haha!

    You fighting a randomly paired player from somewhere else in the world, a pretty mandatory addition of any modern fighting game. The online mode is fun and it comes in two different forms, ranked and unranked. Ranked matches contribute to your player score (rate of wins and losses), while unranked matches have zero effect. Online is a very fun mode, especially for after you’ve gotten really good and have cleared the game. Despite there being a lot of Todoroki players, the online mode is a lot of fun, and a lot of the players put up a good fight. Some people are really skilled and tough to beat, while others are much weaker, its a nice mix and is pretty fun.

    For some reason, despite this being a fighting game, they hide the arcade mode all the way at the bottom of the main menu (under settings even!). Its like the arcade in any other fighting game, pick your character and fight through a set amount of rounds, each one getting harder than the previous. I found this mode to be a ton of fun and really liked it, I always love the arcade mode in fighting games so I’m happy they included it.

    In addition to the modes, you also have unlockables. You can unlock these items by playing the game or by purchasing them with game money. The unlockables are basically broken down into three groups: clothes, intro videos, and player ID cards. Majority of the clothes are just horrendous recolors that are total eyesores. There’s also numerous accessories you can add to your characters, some of these are new and some are taken from other characters. I personally find 99% percent of the clothes completely unusable, but a lot of players online use them, so it seems they’re popular with mostly everyone else online. Character intro unlockables add some pizzazz to your intro, such as a different background, text that appears on the screen, and different voice lines; unless you pick something obnoxious though it might go a bit unnoticed. Lastly is the player ID card, this is a customizable ID card for you to use online. You can choose a character image, the background, text, and a decal, the ID card is personally my favorite of the unlockables as I can show off my love for Himiko with it, there’s even a "I love Himiko" tagline that can be unlocked~!

    For the most part, the game was pretty glitch free but there were three issues. The main is that the online servers messed up for me a lot. I would often have to have it search for an enemy twice for each fight, and sometimes either the ranked or unranked matches will just refuse to connect. The other thing was a glitch that happened. Some of the areas have ring out zones, and one of these is the side of a mountain. I fought and defeated Froppy, after being slain her corpse slid off the edge of the cliff and down into the forest, this then glitched the next round into having the characters spawn underneath the graphics and the game was stuck in eagle eye view. I tried fighting anyways and randomly got a ring out. I thought it was hilarious but if a defeated character falls off an edge it can potentially glitch the game. The final issue was my preorder code for Endeavor didn’t work, thankfully I hate Endeavor so I don’t care, but I feel I should mention this. Overall though, the game is a ton of fun and ran pretty smoothly.

    Yep, presentation, I don’t always give this its own section but I think its important to address. In this case, presentation means comparing the promotional materials to the actual game, in specific, the areas you fight in. The way the game was promoted made it look like the battlefields were more large and complicated, like you could smash someone up to another floor and fight them on that floor, then smash them back down, or fly through buildings and such. Well, there is smashing through buildings, but its not like how I expected. All of the battlefields are a square, then some of these stages have floors above you, you can smash through these, but you can’t run around on them. That said though, you can run around on the walls, fight sideways, smash through the floors, and the environment totally does get tore up from the floor up as you fight, but its not like how it was implied in advertisements. Another thing to note is that the camera moves around a ton and sometimes its with the enemy and you see yourself running up to them, this might sound confusing but its somehow not at all and makes the fights feel really fun with the camera always shifting around.

    The graphics in this game are amazing, totally fits the game and the anime. The 3D character models look great, they look a lot like how they do in the show and have been "rendered" very well (no weird shading or lines). Environments all look great, they fit into the aesthetic well. I also think all of the attacks and stuff look great. Overall, I really liked the graphics and have zero issue here. What was funny though is when you smash a window and it becomes concrete, something about that is really funny to me.

    Sound & Music
    Music was great, sounded like a mix of iconic songs from the show and some new ones for the game. The game has all of the original Japanese voice actors so that was awesome. Fighting sounds were great and helped make the fights feel exciting and fun.

    Overall, I really like this game and think its a ton of fun. I’m honestly surprised by all of the 6-7/10s its getting. Its a fun game based on a fun anime, entertaining and engaging gameplay, varied characters with varied playing styles, unlockables (which might be usable), numerous modes, online play, fast paced fights; its a fun game. If you like the anime, and like fighting games, then I think buying this game is a nomu brainer, so I suggest buying this game and playing it with all your might~!

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