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My first PS4 Call Of Duty, Black Ops 3. Awesome sauce!

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    My first PS4 Call Of Duty, Black Ops 3. Awesome sauce!

    Where do I start. I played call of duty black ops the original back when I got my Playstation 3, it was my first war game besides "medal of honor" which was on ps1. I heard a lot about the franchise, but as an adult gamer I don’t really have peers to talk with about this stuff so I do my own research and also see what peeks my interest.

    Well I really enjoyed black ops and then black ops 2 after that, I loved the gun play, story as well as the big budget movie style explosions. A few years went by and I got my ps4. I was totally engrossed in destiny at the time and I see online that call of duty black ops 3 is coming out. Once I get the game and immediately forgot destiny existed. Just to say I played this game everyday for about 5 months after that. I really enjoyed this game.

    First off "treyarch" call of duties are broken down in three parts. Campaign, zombies & multi-player. So I must break this down the same way. The campaign in this game is total science fiction but mixed with war it’s a totally mind bending story, I loved it. Lots of twists and turns. No spoilers here. The game play in the campaign is very exciting, its offered in single player and co-op, I mean full co op with up to 3 friends. I have played with one friend and a group of buddies too. The new movement system is so cool, it’s so much fun to wall run, boost jump, its fricken awesome!

    Once you beat the campaign you open up a second full campaign called nightmares mode where the zombies are your enemies instead of soldiers with a story that relates to the original campaigns. The game is packed with secrets, accolades and achievements to get on each level.

    They have included a safe house in this edition where you can go and build your own guns, customize them, paint really make them look sharp. You can also buy weapon upgrades, upgrades core powers, do combat simulation or even free running to test you skills. You can make custom calling cards, earn medals and new uniforms.

    The graphics in the game are great, the game runs smooth even in total chaos which there is a lot of the time, even when there are tons of enemies on screen at once and all hell is breaking loose.

    Zombies mode is a great, there are two maps that come with the game and three additional you can get if you get the season pass along with a bunch of multi-player maps too. Its so much fun to play, you can play either co-op or solo again just like with the campaign. If you never played zombies you kill them to survive, but there is more to it this time around, "treyarch" have incorporated more mission based things to do if you so choose to go that route or you can play to see how long you can survive.

    Multi-player is what call of duty is all about from what I understand, I really enjoy this mode too. What I love about it is they have bots so I can play any and every mode and practice to get good enough to play with real people. Or sometime people can cheat but bots don’t… lol. In any case multi-player is awesome it has a lot of maps, modes, tons of guns, weapon upgrades plus a huge community. And its really fun!

    In conclusion to sum it up a game is only as good as its weakest link. I think here we have three gameplay styles that really compliment each other, woven together through the character models, storyline, graphics & gameplay mechanics into a great package that will keep you entertained for months.

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