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More of the same, and a glitch that badly needs fixing

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    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    More of the same, and a glitch that badly needs fixing

    With not much options in the first generation of the PS4 to choose from, I decided to check out Killzone for the PS4. I thought the realistic motions in the first game was pretty impressive, so I thought maybe they’ll have something new and interesting in store for me. But it turns out it was just more of the same, with some annoying glitches to boot. If it weren’t for the realistic motions, it’d be another run of the mill shooter.

    The setting takes place on a planet colonized by the Helghast, a government hellbent on authority and control of the Vekta population through surveillance and excessive security. You play as a Lucas whose past leads him to join the Vekta army that is on just on the very brink of war with the Helghast. Things get a little convoluted as our hero finds himself less clear cut about his goal of declaring war on the Helghast when he meets with someone on the other side.

    Killzone distinguishes itself from other FPS in its "realism" of combat which could either frustrate or make a person appreciate it. The camera wiggles about in a specific manner as our soldier reloads, climb up ladders or jump on ledges, or throw grenades, to give you that first person combat experience. It can either make a person dizzy and unnecessary or make a person appreciate what it offers. What’s fun is when you pounce on unsuspecting enemies from above mountains or broken ceilings and melee them with a necksnap or knife. But the stealth here isn’t very effective as in MGS or Splinter Cell. It’s just like Sly Cooper, you don’t have to use stealth to progress through the game. Melee combat is fun to do on enemies with electronic shield suits since they’re so annoying to combat with guns. Just send in your drones to distract them and run up to them and stab or break their necks.

    You get to control drones that aid you in exploring the world by gliding down through a zip line and in combat helping with attacks or shield defense.
    The enemies are fairly intelligent and will duck and cover shooting and changing from every angle every time they get shot taking a page out of Rainbow Six Vegas, Winback, and Gears of War. Too bad the only tactical maneuver you get is a crouch, but I guess the makers of Killzone didn’t want another carbon copy of the aforementioned games. They also got an assortment of drones; one tanky drone needs to be attacked with EMP grenades to bring their defenses down to shoot down. Then there are spider drones that are bombs that’ll keep coming until you hack the pod where it comes from.

    Games back then were great when they were pure consoles that didn’t need a patch or update or redownload and the most critical glitches were fixed that prevented you from progressing in the game. Not so in Killzone Shadow Fall. You get stuck in the later part of the game, and it is either by sheer luck that you manage to get past it in one of the multiple runs you’ve made or you have to delete the game and redownload it to fix it.

    The graphics are something of a marvel. Buildings are modeled in a futuristic architecture, something you would expect out of a sci fi story, and are sleek and shiny. Tall skyscrapers don’t have a boring look to them, and are have a geometrical curvature. The mountains are grainy, the dark slums lit up by neon lights, the insides of buildings full of dirty tarp and construction. You can blast holes in some weak walls like Red Faction and shoot enemies through them. Containers are rusty and run down in the jail container yard ran by large cables in transit, and there are items of detail littered about the floor and tables, and whatnot giving us a sense of a cold dystopian nightmare.

    Other than that though Killzone is just more of the same. The only thing that stands out between this shooter and the others is its realistic motions like I’ve said. But you can just check out the first game for that. The added drones isn’t anything new and can be found in other games. It’s great for helping you progress through the game though. For other FPS worth checking out, I’d rather go back to playing Rainbow Six Vegas, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, or the most Rainbow Six recent one if you want to play with drones.

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