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More clipped wings

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    Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    More clipped wings

    The second DLC expansion for Dead Rising 3 avoids some of the pitfalls of the first DLC expansion, and for that it is slightly better. However, it is still a pointless venture that does not add enough to justify the price of entry. Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel is weak, and yet another example from Capcom about how DLC shouldn’t be done.

    Fallen Angel yet again takes out the co-op function that a lot of people enjoyed in Dead Rising 3. I personally didn’t care for it, but that’s worth noting. So right off the bat it uses less features than the core game. Fallen Angel has an extremely annoying protagonist, with a terribly shrill voice and a ridiculous, stupid story that ends in a ridiculous, stupid way. But after the first expansion, what can we really expect?

    Mission structure is far less annoying in Fallen Angel than in Operation Broken Eagle, thankfully. There is no irritating vehicular segment, and the one vehicular segment in the game is actually really straightforward and not frustrating much at all, thankfully. There’s a lot of unnecessary running around, but I’ll take that over the horrible segment that was in the first DLC expansion.

    While it doesn’t add any vehicles that are that great, Fallen Angel does bring to the table some really cool new weapons. This has been a consistent thing with the Dead Rising 3 DLC so far, terrible missions but really cool weapons. A new electricity based gun that is introduced in Fallen Angel is absolutely phenomenal to use and one of the best weapons in the entire game.

    Fallen Angel also lets players use the weapon lockers again. They aren’t encountered as much as they are in the core game, but they are actually accessible. This is because the combat focus shifts back to being mostly melee focused, but after getting the Shockblaster, there’s not much stopping you from going out with a full loadout of Shockblasters and just decimating everything in your path.

    One huge misstep that Fallen Angel has is the extra content. All the side activities and collectibles are recycled from the main game and Operation Broken Eagle. The side missions are a joke, consisting of blowing up all the security cameras (which is a regular side activity in the core game) and rescuing people from being executed over and over again. No effort went into the side missions at all, and it really shows.

    At the end of the day, Fallen Angel is another terribly weak Dead Rising 3 expansion, getting eighth generation DLC off on the wrong foot. The expansion adds very little to the game, besides a few cool weapons and the opportunity to get all those blueprints and Frank trophies that you may have missed your first time through, but overall the experience is weak, boring, and definitely not worth the $10 it costs to play.

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