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Monster Hunting no Simulator or Mass Murder

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    Monster Hunter: World

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Monster Hunting no Simulator or Mass Murder

    Test played Beta.. Played 20 hours post release.

    This is an honest report which does not bias the game developer and publishers of the game and is solely an observed interaction of game experience over many play hours.

    Is this ARK Survival Evolved or an Amped MMO version of FarCry Primal?

    It’s not a simulator because you’d die or take serious damage resulting having to retreat and heal up. A simulator would also require huge MM organized coordinated Online melee to have a possible successful outcome on many of these Monsters. And luck would play a big part of living or being crushed, stomped, tail swiped or bitten and tossed senseless to doom. No, a Simulator would be scary but definitely more chaotic and fun in arguably the most dangerous of conditions for human survival.

    Monster stutter, jumping or frame loss doesn’t make good hit rate or great game play. Again, the gremlins are apparent. I experienced server inability to deliver just consistent play of game frame rate and entertainment in MMO. It was par for the course quality 2017 was a year we can forget existed. And thinking to simulate a real event as described above with hundreds of MMO players in just 1 sandpit is not possible yet. At least I don’t think we humans are capable collectively. Hence don’t think too far too quickly. Maybe next decade. It is not a vision to improve server design and communication for this generation when its technology is evolving faster than human with technical ability can’t maintain it. Here lies the problem of server degradation versus game speed requirement. One could blame server engineers for many things in multiplayer Gaming but that lacks a solution.

    That aside Monster Hunter is another game starting with nothing and as a player your progress is sought by making decisions on what survival requires for hunting prey. Basically. you must kill to survive. Forget being a vegetarian. It may help to make weapons from content gathered after killing a creature rather than collecting plants. Some weapons are overkill toward level 100 but beasts at that elite level need a 4 player team and there is balance in having high damage weapons. You can’t expect to survive ninja jumping back and forth for 90 minutes of kill time. There’s a fatigue indicator and you’ll run out of energy quickly. Most Monsters require strategy and patience. Think before attacking something twice your weight and size, having big legs with scrawny body. It will outrun you and most likely kill you.

    Gameplay interaction is semi-smooth inclusive server stability. Beside this chat group game play is a necessity to coordinate strategy in MMO group decisions/actions/teamwork. People without ability to use chat will suffer greatly. I strongly regard this game to be played using a headset/mic before joining MMO because it is highly frustrating when 1 player in a group does not have a headset/mic or chooses not to use chat. It is very likely that player will be kicked from the group during play in Monster Hunter due to their inability to work with other players. You have been warned.

    Solo is far more difficult and frustration may deter repetitious trying due to inability to understand the AI of Monster Hunter. For you – It was designed as a MMO not a Solo play game. However, hardcore chaotic players will find ways to cheat death in unusual solo play but it’s not a walk in the park by any means and because there is Interactive content scattered throughout the game conflict with Monsters is highly likely as you venture forth. There are Level Challenges and Levelling Missions beside all this exploration you can expect pitfalls and nasty encounters. to be just between you and your goal. Thus having more of you is sensible.

    Game Lacking: Step forward in design and detail of continuity or a story that has meaning in some advancement of ability both technicality and the extremes of real survival knowledge would have been great. Developers need better continuity in creating realistic event content like severe flooding and heatwaves in these worlds. Predictability is boring. Random events are surprising even if you die from cause. It’s nothing new just too temperate and ideal conditions prevent players having to engage common sense survival skills in what is, a Survival Game. Where is creativity in design? Conditioning is a linear approach to learning (remember Pavlov’s Dog). It kills longevity because 1 playthrough is all that requires content and missions to evaporate. Sadly there are no character sets which may have added to the aspect of story by creatively including specific stat missions built to unlock need rewards for that character as we’ve experienced from past games like Borderlands. Monster Hunter provides shallow aspect on engaging mental toughness.

    Hours of play could have been epic but still reasonable, some say 75 hours – Hardcore gamer groups will complete in less time easily. It misses quality mark on being something remarkable.

    Worth a look if you like MMO’s or you are lost for better content.

    My rating is concise 3.5 HEARTS maximum.

    Conceptual Design: 3/10 Story: 3/10 Controller HUD: 7/10 Play Dynamics: 5/10 Replayable Ongoing: 4/10 Graphics: 7/10 Multiplayer Interface: 7/10

    Server Sync/Reliability: 5/10

    Server Speeds tested, varied between 33ms off peak and 436ms peak. Frame loss experienced on many multiplayer sessions was no more than 2%. I suggest you play off peak or shoulder.

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