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Lots of guns and baddies. Need I say more?

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Lots of guns and baddies. Need I say more?

    I haven’t played any of the previous Doom games and the lore and history is absent from me. I heard good things and wanted to give the new Doom a try. I rented it and am glad I did, as Doom provides plenty of action pack, thrilling battles through out the campaign. Doom’s numerous battles during the campaign are intense and fun.

    The new Doom on the Xbox One is a reboot of the series. The game follows a man, who does not speak, and has one purpose. The purpose of slaughtering demons. The game takes place on Mars, where demons from experiments have overtaken a station. Our protagonist wakes up in this hectic environment to wipe out the threat. The story overall is a bit thin, but provides a simple premise to go shoot things.

    Doom is certainly a first person shooter, with tons of action. Most action will take place in enclosed space and corridors. Sometimes the confine space add to the suspense. During most battles, the game will throw numerous types of demons at you, as they keep spawning until the last ones are disposed of.

    For the most part, the battles are frantic and intense with hordes of enemies attack no you. With that said, it did get a bit repetitive at times, as it felt like the same wave after wave of enemies coming at you. Even with that said, there is still petty of fun moments with this game, despite some of the rinse and repeat of spawning enemies.

    The controls also felt smooth and tight. Given the number of enemies you will face, moving the Doom guy around felt smooth. It was like he was light on his feet, and the controls were also well design to help players optimize how they target and dispose of enemies. This is an important aspect to why Doom is as good as it is.

    One thing that I enjoyed about Doom are the numerous weapons, with some of the, being quite fun. With the amount of enemies, I loved using the shotguns and mowing enemies down. There are also some powerful weapons, with energy blasts that blow through the bad guys.

    The level design was quite excellent. I love the various levels that felt like the game was interconnected. There were plenty of rooms, filled with spawning enemies, as well as rooms and corridors with upgrades and ammo. This added much needed refill for weapons after facing down many enemies. I also liked that the game provided the ability to upgrade weapons and armor.

    While the boss fights were few and far between, the ones that were in the game felt intense and fun. In fact, some of the more fun boss fights I have had in a first person shooter game. In addition to boss fights, some of the harder enemies in the game added the intensity to this game to reinforce Doom’s feeling of intense and frantic environments.

    For a first person shooter, the platforming elements also did not feel too bad. Jumping from platform to platform, especially after acquiring double jump. During the course of the game, there will be scenarios where Doom guy will need to jump to different platforms. These movements help break up the action and add some differentiation factor.

    The story in Do M felt simplistic, but certainly did its job to get the player to its next target to basically shoot a bunch of aliens. I always thought the graphics were quite good. The animation flowed smoothly, as well as the frame rate. Enemies looked quite good, as well as their attack movements. The environments were not super colorful, but felt dark and grim looking, which the graphics helped reinforce.

    On top of that, I felt the music helped reinforce the somewhat dark and edgy environment of the game. It felt enhance the intense battles, as you battle wave after wave of enemies. Voice overs were also quite solid. Overall, the sound department was solid all around. The game also lasted about twelve or so hours. There is an online component that I did not get to try, but that should add value for other players.

    Doom is a very good first person shooter that features intense action. The game will throw numerous waves of enemies at you, while giving you many cool weapons. There is no identity crisis with this game. The objective is to give you super cool weapons and throw tons of enemies at you, requiring precision and movement for you to dispose of the threat. While at times it does get slightly repetitive, the game has excellent level designs, solid game play, and some cool environments. If you own an Xbox One, I would definitely recommend playing Doom. This is especially true if you are a shooter fan.

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