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Like Avengers 2 the movie, was left slightly disappointed.

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    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Like Avengers 2 the movie, was left slightly disappointed.

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 was one of my favorite games last generation. I enjoyed the game play mechanics, the presentation, the content, and the online play. I was excited for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and purchased the game on opening day. The game revolves around the infinity stones, probably to align with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it featuring the stones in its past and future movies. The story features Ultron and Sigma, who have fused and in possession of some stones. They are doing major damage to our heroes from both universes like Captain America, Thor, Ryu, Dante, and so forth. The story mode is decent and does its job to highlight certain fights that are taking place.

    When you first boot up the game, you will see several modes such as story, battle, mission modes and so forth. The story mode is a newly added feature. The story mode is certainly welcome, as the Capcom does a decent job of setting the story behind certain battles. In this mode, users will contain various characters to battle it out. On occasions you will fight in game characters like Jedah, while other times you might fight some generic Asgardian or Ultron robot.

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite shines when it comes to the game play. As opposed to the prior installment of three versus three, Infinite elects to go with a two versus two format. While I did prefer the former format, the new format is still fun. The game now allows you to switch in a character in a middle of your current character performing an attack. This added element is certainly welcome. The game also does a good job of giving casuals an easier way to play versus pro players who wants all the depth and intricacies.

    Before each match, players will be able to choose from a roster of Marvel or Capcom characters. While the roster does seem a bit small, each character is fun to use. Before finalizing your team, users will have the ability to select an infinity stone. The infinity stone gives you additional boost when you activate it. For example, you can box in an opponent or draw an opponent towards you with one of these stones. When the match starts, the game’s game play is smooth and flows nicely.

    The game play is quite fun, where users can string together crazy looking combos that are quite satisfying. As a casual fighting game fan, this game’s game play is not overly complex for us casual fans, but still providing depth for hardcore fighting fans. I also enjoyed the tagging system, where players can tag in your partner and start attacking while your other character is still finishing off an attack.

    With Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, the game play is still there, but everything else took a step back. The story mode was nice, but the arcade mode was half baked. Previously, there were short snippets of scenes for each character when you beat the game. This added a nice touch and a shout out to fans. It felt like this time, Capcom was too lazy to do so. Aside from story mode, which does not take long to beat, every other mode felt bare bones. Due to the arcade not containing any cool scenes to unlock, I ended up not spending much time playing and trying each character to get that ending.

    While the modes felt bare bones, the online game play was still fun. Being able to competitively face other players or for fun is certainly welcome in fighting games. Hours and hours can be spent in this mode. It also helps players improve their skill set, allowing them to practice and put together awesome combos against non AI foes.

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a fun game, but the hours I spent on this iteration was significantly less than the Marvel vs Capcom 3. This is mostly due to the bare bones arcade mode that didn’t have any cool endings to unlock, coupled with the story mode not making up for it. The story mode was solid, but not a great replacement for what was taken out in arcade mode in my opinion.

    Marvel vs Capcom released with a lot of hype from me. I would say I am a bit disappointed after spending time with the game. It is still a fun fighting game, where you can spend hours online. The game play is fun and I love Marvel characters, so there are things to like. I just wish there were more meat and variety to the various game modes. Additionally, I wished there were more characters. With that said, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is still worth checking out. I just think it is probably more of a rental or a game after price drops, then a full price game.

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