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Let’s cut together!

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    Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Let’s cut together!

    Snipper Clips
    Reviewed by: Nathan Martinez

    Snipper clips is a Co-Op puzzle game and a Nintendo Switch launch title that was developed by SFB Games. First of all, I need to tell you that this game is super fun! Especially if you’re playing in Co-Op mode. It’s a very charming game that makes you giggle and gives you an overall sense of enjoyment.

    Quick Story
    Two Joycons magically fall out of the sky and form two paper characters, one pink, the other yellow then must go out and solve puzzles together. The game’s story is little to none but there really isn’t a need for one, so if you’re looking for a game with an interesting story it might not be for you.

    There are three worlds consisting of one to two player puzzles and an assortment of two to four player levels. To solve these puzzles you need to utilize your ability to cut each other and rotating yourselves to solve each one. I found that each puzzle could be solved in a variety of different ways from skillfully wielding your controller to thinking up a well thought out plan. This showed off the game’s biggest strength, the multiplayer mode. The fact that you can play it anywhere and with anyone further compliments the multiplayer. I was on a bus when I asked the guy sitting next to me to help solve a puzzle that my friend and I were having trouble with. His way of thinking solved the puzzle in a unique way. This shows off the way the game gets its players to think critically. You can solve each puzzle in a variety of ways. I also enjoyed playing the mini games with friends . I could just prop it up on a table and play Hockey or cut to the death in the Dojo. This added to the fun and made playing with people who didn’t enjoy puzzle games more fun. The difficulty changed throughout the game and I got stuck on a couple of levels, although there were some puzzles I could solve within a minute. While this is a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things more content would have been appreciated.

    Replay Value
    The replay value makes up for the games slight lack in content. I could go back and play the same level with three different people and have three different experiences. While this is another great strength of the game it’s also a missed opportunity. This game’s replay ability would be higher if it had optional challenges such as time challenge or even a mode where you couldn’t reform.

    This game’s graphics aren’t realistic and jaw dropping but that isn’t what this game needs. The graphic style is charming and cute, like something out of a fifth-grader’s notebook. The style of the game changes from world to world. The game goes through a paper style, a mechanical arcade style and a laboratory style. I liked how the graphics complimented the gameplay and music throughout the game. The backgrounds were very lively with moving parts and lots of colors. The effects also looked good such as rays from a satellite or victory fireworks.This game was made for the Switch. That being said, this game should look good both in hand held mode and TV mode. For the most part I played this game in hand held mode since this game’s main concept is to play with others. Still, it looked good on the big screen and I was definitely more comfortable playing it like that. The graphic style doesn’t demand too much power so it didn’t negatively affect the game play and it definitely didn’t deplete the Switches battery. One other thing that might not be fully related to graphics is that when you do different actions your character will make super adorable faces and I loved how charming it was.

    The music in this game is cute and fun. The music adds more to the game but isn’t something you’d sit there listening too. The theming of each level went along with the music perfectly. For example, when I was on an arcade style level the music got more interesting as the difficulty got higher. The silly music also made the puzzles less stressful. Some levels used the same music but I never really noticed since listening to the music wasn’t my main priority.

    Overall Opinion
    I really enjoyed this game and I’ll probably keep playing it for a long while. Being able to solve interesting puzzles or having fun playing hockey anywhere is just a blast. If you like puzzle games and Co-op games this is a game for you. For people who really care about an interesting story I urge you to try the game even though it might not be for you. It’s slightly lacking in overall content such as challenge modes but this won’t make it any less fun. This game was an enjoyable experience and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys playing video games.

    Rating:   4.0 – Great

    Product Release: Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! (US, 03/03/17)

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