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Lacking compared to the treatment the MMX games got

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    Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Lacking compared to the treatment the MMX games got

    I would argue that the original six Mega Man games are all among the top 25 NES games, and I would also argue that these games have held up over the last 25-30 years better than pretty much any other series on the NES, including Zelda and Mario. These games kick ass, and they get a ringing endorsement from me. This collection’s endorsement, however, is a bit less enthusiastic, and that of this collection on the PS4 even less so.

    I’m playing on the PS4 and the visual emulation is great, but the audio still has popping and skips even after the patch–supposedly it was a lot worse before–but only sometimes. It had a lot last night, and today none. Don’t know why. I put my PS4 into rest mode overnight, so it’s nothing to do with hard resetting or anything. Now that I think about it, the pops and skips magically went away after I tweeted @CapcomUSA_ about it… Anyway, I’m not noticing the 20-30 frame (aka .33 to .50 second!!!) input lag on my setup, as some people claim. It’s a PS4 on a big fancy Samsung TV, so there’s some lag, but it’s minimal. And in regards to slowdown, from what I know about the emulation process, there may be a tendency for these games to slow down more when emulated on newer consoles than they did on the NES. In my experience, there didn’t appear to be much more than what was present in the original games. The worst section for me was in MM4 in Drill Man’s stage in the part with the materializing blocks over the spikes with those spinning mushroom dudes. That slowed down a LOT, seemingly more than the original did.

    The UI and menus are bland–especially compared with the newer MMX Legacy Collections–and the remixes of classic tracks in the menus can sound a bit hotel waiting room-ish. The originals sound way better than the remixes, in my opinion.

    What I was looking forward most to when I bought this was the challenge mode. It’s a great way to switch up the gameplay and it’s pretty fun at first. Then about a third of the way through the challenges you notice that you’ve been playing the same little chunks of the games over and over again. Seriously, the part of Gutsman’s stage with the moving platform over the huge pit is in like 10 of the challenges. That they don’t mix up the challenges is a bit of a bummer. Every challenge is a speed run, so no Mr. Perfect or limited weapons challenges like in MM9 and 10. So when it’s time for the Gutsman pit again you play it the same way every time; get out the Magnet Beam and walk over everything.
    I love that each challenge has a leaderboard and you can watch the video of the fastest times. And there are some fast ass times. I’ve golded every challenge so far and I don’t think I’ve made a single leaderboard yet. The videos of the top players are pretty awesome, especially in the Mega Man 5 challenges where they use the Super Arrow to zip through entire stages in seconds.

    I have all these games, but they’re all stowed away so I haven’t played MM1, 5 and 6 in a while, so it’s been fun to play all these games again and get trophies for it. I can be a bit of a trophy whore sometimes, not all the time.

    I don’t think this is the definitive collection of these games we were all hoping for. Maybe that’s by design? Maybe Capcom wants to leave the door open to rereleasing these games together again in 20 years or so. But if you compare this collection with the treatment the X games just got, you realize that a lot more could have been done. The UI, menus and out-of-game music are bland and the challenge mode is just speed runs, and I, personally, don’t like playing that way. I wish the game had challenged me to no-hit every boss with just the Buster. That’s fun.

    To give a score, it’s a 7 out of 10, a 6/10 on the PS4 because of the music.

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