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It’s a REALLY GOOD game but…

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    Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    It’s a REALLY GOOD game but…

    I really like the storyline and the character customization. However there are a few of things that I have an issue with.

    While I understand why the custom character does not speak, at the same time, I don’t see why it would be an issue to allow the character to talk. There are lots of games released before 2015 that have a custom character speak with a minimum of at least one voice and maybe even 3 different voices.

    The other issue that I found was that the RGN was at most, unreliable. Someone could be grinding to get a specific thing and it could take one time for them to get it or it could take forever (A month or more) for them to succeed. If you’re a completionist like me, that’s gotta be annoying to you.

    The most annoying thing I found though was that the gender was not recognized in both the script and the voice. Your character is always referred to as a ‘he’ in some form, and if you’re a female character, like I am, I’d at least want to be recognized as being a ‘she.’ Also, I understand that female are only for sure known to be in the Saiyan and Earthling races, but I’m happy that there was a female Majin as well. However, the Namikians and Frieza race could’ve had this option as well. While it is common knowledge that the Namikian’s on Namik were all male, Guru did say that many others had fled the planet when it was on the verge of being destroyed (Kami being one of them), in that regard, there could be female Namik’s elsewhere too. As for Frieza race, well why not have females? There’s no where that says a female doesn’t or does exist (as far as I was able to find), so for the purpose of the game for every gender to enjoy every race if they want to be a female in those races, why not make female for them too? It’s a game for T (Teens) right? There are more than just males in the teens and older you know… and some of those ‘other’ teens would enjoy a female characters to play as too.

    Another thing that I don’t understand is how the Z-warriors just don’t seem to realize that something else is going on. In the anime and manga, they pride themselves in being able to sense energy and where someone is, yet in many occasions in the game, they look around trying to find you when you are above their head, or you are hiding behind a wall and they don’t notice. They especially don’t sense a rise in power levels when you are fighting elsewhere in the vicinity/planet, but they seem more than capable to sense it when someone else is there/fighting… at least in the series anyway, not in the game unless it’s supposed to be there like it was in the series…

    Unlike many other people, I have no issue with the map or the spawn places of the mentors. The storyline was FANTASTIC and you have the option of getting DLC’s to continue the story even more (I haven’t yet so I’m just guessing on that part). I love that when you use your mentor’s ultimate that you can get the Z assist and he or she would be there at your side fighting with you if only for that moment. The grinding for everything, including the leveling up is not an issue for me, that normally happens in all sorts of games that I’ve played and I like that I’m not restricted to any set level that I need to be in the story just to be able to progress further. While it is frustrating at times to have to grind continuously just to get your mentor to like you, I’m not really complaining..

    For all it’s faults, the only other thing I have an issue with is the server. It’s as unreliable as a thumb with a splinter stuck in it. This needs to be fixed.

    All in all, I’d say that because the storyline is outstanding, I can live with all it’s costume faults and annoyances. I’m a girl who enjoys a good story, regardless if I’m a fan or not. If it’s not good, I’ll say it. But it’s very good and I will more than likely recommend this game to another and will probably play it as more than just one character.

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