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I’m extremely disappointed.

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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Rating: 1.0 – Terrible

    I’m extremely disappointed.

    I went in looking for a fast-paced combat system, deep characters and a great story. What I received was a lackluster battling system where I waited for abilities to charge while I watched my character attack on his own, bad voice acting and annoying characters, and a foggy mess of a story that made no sense. I want a refund after playing this dumpster fire of a game. I was mad when I realized I had wasted $60 on this garbage. If anyone can tell me how to make it fun (or how to get a refund), let me know.

    The Combat: Gave me an ulcer when I first started. It was essentially waiting for my actual attacks to charge while my character did stuff on his own. It was insanely boring and I couldn’t play more than ten minutes at a time without longing for a better game. I was led to believe by friends that this would be fun and engaging, rather than the dull mess I was dragged into.

    Characters: It’s hard to enjoy a game when the main character is a bumbling idiot with boring dialogue and poor voice acting.That goes for the others, too. They all seem one-dimensional and poorly written. It’s even worse when the bad voice-acting is a good chunk of the game, seeing as how cutscenes constantly break the flow of gameplay. Their interactions also seem stiff and forced.

    Story: Didn’t get very far into it because I couldn’t stomach the boring gameplay I had to sit through. I’m admittedly not a good source of criticism on this aspect. Although I hate world-building with no explaination of anything, not even the "Sea of Clouds" this takes place on. Why is it there? How did anything come to be? Guess I’ll either have to keep playing this trash to find out, or maybe I won’t even get an answer that.

    I can’t find any enjoyment in the game, nor would I recommend it for anyone else that wants something GOOD.

    Although I will admit, the soundtrack is pretty good. When I wanna stop playing the game and the music is the good part, there’s a problem. I honestly feel like I wasted money, and hope this will help others avoid making the same mistake. I’d give it a solid 17/100. I hope I can get a refund out of Nintendo. Wish me good luck.

    Rating:   1.0 – Terrible

    Product Release: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (US, 12/01/17)

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