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I would say the game is worth it if you can find it for cheap like I did. Otherwise skip it.

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    Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    I would say the game is worth it if you can find it for cheap like I did. Otherwise skip it.

    First off lets start by saying I knew going in that this game wasn’t going to be very good due to what little word of mouth and reviews there were on youtube, here, cag and metacritic. But when the price dropped so low new I figured I would give it a shot. If I don’t like it that much then hey I’m only out like 5 dollars so it’s not a huge loss.

    The first issue is the lack of healing items until the store unlocks via crystal gathering. I didn’t unlock the store until my characters were around level 30. Ironically once you get the store you don’t have to worry about healing items dropping minus the better ones to use for boss battles since basic berries only heal 500 hp.

    Second issue would be the mages having limited actions. They can only act once per turn. Using an item or ultimate attack also counts idiotically. And once you unlock their level 2 spells they can’t act for 2 turns.

    3rd issue would be most of the character classes are pretty useless. Whip does garbage damage and doesn’t have larger aoe like the class description says. If whip users cost less to attack and had full screen that would make up for their weak damage. Lancer is said to have the largest range in their class description but then whips descrip said they have larger range than lancers so that’s already a huge glaring translation error or mistake. Lancers don’t have bigger aoe than most of the classes either. I’d say it’s about as big as ice mages or whips and that’s it. Larger than katana users (samurai) but that’s about it. Fire and wind mage both beat it with tier 1 spells let alone tier 2. And fencer and grenade launchers are the best of the nonmagic classes.

    Fencer (dumb name since the class specializes in bulky swords and does no fencing whatsoever) has the largest aoe of the weapons classes I have seen next to grenade launcher. Increased depending on the skill and sword equipped with some skills and swords have further reach.
    Wind mage seems to have the largest range of the bunch since it can suck in most enemies grouping them to the middle with their 2nd spell. Until then they are horrible and many mid-sized enemies and the mine enemies are resistant to their element.

    Dungeons are copy pasted and the 2d platforming makes traversing them a huge pain when you can fall down after missing a jump or not using the dk style shooting mechanic by a sliver.

    Class changing and equipment is entirely random so there are many times where my characters go without upgrading equipment for multiple dungeons. So far only my fire mage and the main character have access to more than 1 class while most of the others don’t even have access to a second class as of yet. Skills and class changing can be randomly unlocked for active battle party members and also level if the character you learned it from has theirs leveled. Character affection ratings help increase the learning rate of classes and skills between other characters. Sadly outside using them in battle, there isn’t much in the way of options to increase it.

    And since you are limited to 3 party members plus kanata This significantly limits the battle formation and strategic options and what classes you would like to use. Makes me question why did they bother to include 9+ party members when you are limited to 4 at a time. Especially when enemies can have 12+ on their side and summon more on top of that.

    Ultimately battles become very samey once you finally get tier 2 magic. You hit the enemies with wind then fire then let kanata or namero finish them off with physical attacks and their specials blessed arm and gaping maw. By this point it is rare that you can’t finish a battle in one turn. Only times I didn’t were when enemies magically die after I have inputted my specials so they get used up cost wise but don’t activate because of bad programming on the developers part I imagine. If you can get this game for 4$ like I did then give it a shot as it’s not the worst experience you can have.

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