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I must say, the future is pretty cool.

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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    I must say, the future is pretty cool.

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided for the Xbox One was one of my more anticipated games, after the fantastic Human Revolution for the Xbox 360. Deus Ex is a first person shooter, with rpg and stealth elements. All of these different elements provide a varied experience. Mankind Divided follows Jensen, shortly after the events of Human Revolution. Augmented people, who are people with technological enahcements, are facing backlash more than ever. Several terrorists attacks, coupled with the framing of ARC, an organization that fights for the rights of augmented people, provides a solid story base for the game.

    When first booting up the game, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, I jumped right into the story mode. I selected my difficult and the same control scheme as Human Revolution. Jensen is thrust into action right away, where he is investigating a weapons shipment. After last playing Human Revolution years ago, it took a bit to get used to the controls again. Just like Human Revolution, players can play a variety of ways, either by gun blazing or stealth. With that said however, players that just go for the gun blazing approach will probably have a difficult time.

    Like its predecessor, I particularly enjoyed the stealth elements. Throughout the game, my go to weapons were the stun gun or the tranquilizer rifle. Jensen can sneak up on enemies and perform a stealth attack, either by knocking that person unconscious or conducting a kill maneuver. Both sequences are illustrated by a nicely choreograph action. When going through locations with multiple enemies, I would enjoy using the stun gun or tranquilizer rifle or execute a stealth attack through quietly sneaking up on individuals.

    The shooting mechanics for the most part was pretty solid. Players can take cover throughout various locations. There will be walls, boxes, and so forth that Jensen can take cover, whether it is to hide from enemies or to pop out and shoot. The cover and shoot mechanics were solid all around. With that said however, the controls did feel slightly awkward early on when trying to cover and shoot.

    In addition to the shooting and stealth mechanics, players will earn experience by completing missions, side missions, and various other tasks. This will allow players to improve Jensen’s augmentations. On top of some cool weapons, Jensen’s augmentations provide additional abilities. These abilities include invisibility, typhoon which is a powerful explosion around Jensen, and other cool moves. This adds to the game’s overall depth and fun factor. Additionally, players will be able to modify weapons. Jensen also has the ability to hack electronics, whether its computers to access information, or to hack and turn off a camera.

    One thing that I do want to note however, is that Mankind Divided started off slow. I felt by the time the game gets to the Human Revolution level of greatness, the game was already half way over. With that said, the first half was still fun, it just was not quite as good as Human Revolution. In addition to this negative, I also felt the lack of boss fights hurt this game slightly. Not to mention, the last boss fight was ridiculously easy.

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a pretty game. Character models look great, along with animations. For the most part, Mankind Divided does not have much color too it, but even with this, the game still looks good. One complaint however, with the Xbox One version I experienced some hiccups in the frame rate. Additionally guns or bodies will sometimes start spasm-ing, like if there were bugs in the code. Even with some of these technical issues, the game is easy on the eyes.

    The musical sound track for the most part was quite good. I particularly enjoyed tracks that emphasize the dire situation during certain intense scenarios. The voice acting was also quite good, whether it was characters like Jensen or even side characters putting in strong performances. The game was fairly lengthy, as I clocked in around fifteen plus hours. With that said, I do not feel the game has too much replay value. It is not quite as addictive as Human Revolution, where I am eager to start another campaign.

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a fun game that could have been great like its predecessor. It starts off slow and does not really kick into high gear till the midway point of the game. At its best moments however, the game was as good as Human Revolution, but there were enough moments that the quality dipped that it does not quite meet the greatness of its predecessor. With some of these gripes, Mankind Divided has fun stealth action and intense moments. If you own an Xbox One, this game is certainly worth a look and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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