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I love me some Killzone shadow fall…

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    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    I love me some Killzone shadow fall…

    O.K. where do I start I have a long history of hating on this game and I actually bought it 2x before really getting into it. Let me start by saying, I love killzone 3. I thought the game looked amazing, played great was exciting and innovative. I was very excited for shadowfall and soon after I got my new ps4 bought the game pretty cheap maybe $25 used at gamestop. I put the game in and immediately started hating on it comparing it to killzone 3. In addition it plays alot different than a lot of other shooters including killzone 3. When I 1st picked it up I got killed over and over. I got so frustrated and sold it condemning the game as garbage and being very public about my opinion.

    Fast forward to dec 2016 and I get a $5 coupon from gamestop to spend on something used. I see shadowfall was $10 so now I can get it for $5. I look up a few youtube gameplay videos and decided maybe I was in a bad mood that day or just into another game’s charm’s (I think I was all into destiny at the time). I get the game home pop it in and start on the campaign, I made a few adjustments (gamma to 85%) so I could see better, that was part of the issue last time the lighting is so good the sun was flaring in my eyes and the smoke was throwing off my depth perception (I’m old). Once that was strait and I got the controls down I was off and running. I really liked the campaign. Its beautiful, plays so tight and is very challenging. Most levels are high up in the sky and the sense of height is breath taking and nerve racking at the same time. I think the campaign is about 10 hours. Its not only shooting there are a bunch of other things to do as well. There is platforming, crazy gunplay stealth areas and even a few puzzles. My only real complaint is the game gets alittle confusing in a few levels towards the end as what and where your supposed to be going and doing… lol. But once I got it figured out (through youtube) it was all good. I think this game is an amazing shooter and it made me excited for "horizon zero dawn" and in a way has a similar look about it. I really enjoyed it.

    Mutli-player is great it has some good maps and modes. Bots are available too. There is an extra co-op mode "dlc only" available if your interested (it’s $9.99) where you and 4 players can do missions, I never played and I understand its dead because nobody bought it back in the day thats still playing it now. But there is enough game here to entertain you for quite awhile with the regular game. There is also a clan mode where you can do 8vs8, 3vs3,4vs4 and so on. Very cool, very underrated game.

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