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I like Resident Evil 6, there I said it!

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    Resident Evil 6

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    I like Resident Evil 6, there I said it!

    Where do I start. Im a long time fan of the resident evil series. I played the original trilogy on the playstation 1. I was a big fan of the 1st one and enjoyed the 2nd but by the 3rd one the formula was getting tired for me. When resident evil 4 came out I had already lost interest. Fast forward to 2016ish the ps4 hd version of resident evil 6 is released 1080/60fps and people are saying it very different, its not resident evil, it just got tons of hate. I got the game for $15 on sale at best buy so I gave it a shot to see what all the fuss was about. I really glad I did.

    When I started the game up it seemed to have a familiar resident evil vibe. I played the four campaigns in order and really enjoyed them all. They are all completely different and represent a different style of resident evil game play, which through out the years the series has evolved from game to game. It was great to have such variety. I like the new enemies(there were tons of different types), the boss battles, the big set pieces and more action orientated levels too. The graphics are great, remember this is an upscaled ps3 game. The game is broken into 4 campaigns the first 3 can be played co-op or solo which is very cool. The first campaign is like the original resident evil but more action, the 2nd plays like a "gear of war clone" all action no puzzles, the 3rd is a mix of resident evil 3 with stealth mechanics added. And the last campaign is solo and wraps it all up in a nice bow. It was a blast to play through.

    There are a ton of extra modes where you can do a lot of fun co-op or solo missions. I also love you can go into another players game as a monster or just jump in to play a mission and assist the another player too. If you want a cool game to burn 20 plus hours with and have ever played resident evil and are not hung up on it being more modern with a faster pace then you will like this game a lot. Its a solid title, I recommend it to anybody who’s wants a fun action co-op resident evil title with a lot of twisted and turns.

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