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Had a chance to score a touchdown…

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    Madden NFL 19

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Had a chance to score a touchdown…

    Several Madden iterations have come and gone, since I last purchased a Madden title. I like to purchase a new title every few years hoping the upgrades are noticeable. That and I am a big football fan. With my last disappointment in the Madden title, I must say Madden 19 is certainly a step up, but ultimately still has a bit too many issues. Madden 19 is in no way perfect, and at times is actually quite fun, but some of the issues plague this game and keep it from truly being a good game.

    After booting up Madden 19, I played a quick game just to get familiar with the mechanics. After a few quick games, I started my franchise mode and started hammering away at the game. The things that immediately jumped out at me were the slick menu interface. Found it easy to navigate and find my stats and so forth. I also particularly enjoyed that there was a training event prior to the games, so you can practice before you faced a team.

    From a gameplay mechanics, I thought the offensive side of the ball was fluid. From your wide receivers running routes to your running back waiting for holes to developed, it seemed fluid. I also liked the balance of the offensive side of the game. The game forces you to read the routes and make decisions. With that said, there are a few plays that I felt you could spam quite a lot and find success most times, such as running the ball to the outside. Overall however, the offensive side of the ball felt relatively balanced. It felt like football. It was not a situation where I would gain 50 yards on every play.

    From the defensive side of the ball however, the game felt a bit more lopsided. My defense would be far too stout on stopping the run. It was no uncommon for opposing running backs to have less than 1 yard per carry. On the flip side, the passing game of the opponent was overly good compared to the running game. There was no balance. Most of my corner backs would constantly get burnt by receivers by several yards. This lack of balance makes the defensive side of the ball less enjoyable and makes you yearn to go back to the offensive side.

    With that said, I still had fun playing this game despite its flaws. But ultimately it is hard to give this game a good score. This was none more evident than the graphics and sound department. The graphics look pretty solid. However, there were frame rate issues where animation would lag a bit. You will also find instances of players doing weird movements that showcases that the development team did not flesh out all the bugs.

    The commentating in the game was okay for the most part. Where it falls apart are the constant miscues. For instance, when a pass is completed the commentator would say it was an incompletion. When my quarterback just missed a throw a minute ago, commentator would say I have completed all my passes this half. It is things like that that shows how lazy EA is since they own the NFL license. Feels like nobody did any QA on some of these things and it is a shame since the game is actually fun at times.

    Madden 19 is fun, but there are some very noticeable flaws and defects that make it hard to score this game as a good game. It had the potential but when you have blatant things that show no one at EA tested some of these things, it is hard to consider this a good experience. Madden 19 is certainly better than the last Madden game I played and provided some fun, but ultimately someone at EA needs to care more and flesh out some of these inexcusable bugs.

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