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Gundam Broken

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    New Gundam Breaker

    Rating: 0.5 – Unplayable

    Gundam Broken

    This game hurts me. It fails to stand on its own or as a sequel. theirs a long list of issues so let tackle them bit by bit shall we.

    First off this game has an abysmal time any gameplay beyond still images is prone to slowdown, stutter, and freezing. Not helping this is that combat is tedious and boring. gone are the Option weapons of the previous installment which added variety to an otherwise lifeless button masher. The EX skills which spiced up combat by giving you super moves to take the enemies out with are now locked at the start of each match and only unlock once you have smacked the required number of chests. The MS is also painfully slow and controls are non-responsive.

    Customization suffers as well. Paint options now take much longer to set owing to the slider only having one slow speed. Builders parts which previously boosted all of your core stats by a small amount now boost one stat while decreasing the other. The way option weapons are handled in this game means that any part without a built in weapon is not viable. This iterations signature gimmick of swapping out parts on the fly means you spend most of any given match either at a disadvantage because you won’t swap or with a monsterous mish-mash of parts that can actually play. Trying to customize your suit is further hampered by the way you get parts in this game. In previous installments you could knock the various parts off the opponent and they would be collected automatically and added to your winnings at rounds end, Not so here. now you must knock the enemy part off walk over and pick it up and then drop the part off at a box whose location keeps changing throughout the match. To make it worse you can only care five parts at a time and the drop off is slow and leaves you vulnerable to enemies who can and will steal the arts you are carrying.

    Story has never been the selling point of Gundam breaker. So it is truly baffling that this game tries to do so. The story is a generic story of upstart Transfer student who decides to Take on the ridiculously powerful student council while also dipping it’s toes into dating sim/harem anime tropes. The game is japanese audio only for some reason. The text boxes are slow with no option to speed them up and they have odd lines through them that strain the eyes. to top it all off every cutscene is skippable so nothing in these really matters.

    For less serious a complaint the option exists to choose what music plays while you fight which would be good if they had bothered to translate any of the tracks titles into english.

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