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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Grow a Pair!


    Wolfenstein II the New Colossus was a late pick up for me. I feel the game has very good graphics and a really solid frame rate even on console. I personally played the game on Xbox One and I did thoroughly enjoy the experience. The game has a rather solid and interesting story at times. The graphics are once again very polished. The soundtrack is excellent at times as are the sound effects. The gameplay is also solid, but all of the above is subject to a certain type of player. I also think the player is subject to their "game mood" at the moment of play. In theory, if the reader or player wants to kick butt and blow away Nazi’s in awesome fast-paced action. I would then say this game is for you. Double those points if you like a cool story along the way. For gamers that want something more RPG like, with level and statistic progression, or are in the mood for something easier or slower paced. I recommend those readers to stay clear for now at least. Below I will give some details on the game, once again in my opinion.


    Graphically, the game is very well done. It looks smooth and runs rather quickly. I also might note that the loading times are much shorter than that of The New Order. The guns are sweet and polished. The lasergewher, in particular, looks beautiful and smooth. The laser effect, as well as the particles that fly off incinerated enemies, was a gorgeous touch by Machine Games. The weapons were just plain awesome and this includes even the starting weaponry. If you are a weapon or "gun nut" in games like I am, you will not be disappointed with the weapon design, even if it is a bit lacking in quantity.

    Sound and Music

    The game picks up very strongly at certain points and when it does the OST is amazing. The music seems almost ambient at other times though. This is not a bad thing as it can still get the player into the "zone". By zone I mean it can keep the player immersed in the gameplay. The bullet and weapon sound effects are excellent. Once again specifically to the Lasergewher. It just sounds amazing and the particular developers that even worked on the sound effects were spot on. One thing that many people may not agree with. I liked most of the character’s voice acting, especially Super Spesh and Set. However, I feel BJ, the main protagonist had a rather generic accent. It is not bad to me by any means, but just nothing unique enough for me to enjoy his character more so. All in all, I would say this section is rather solid and there is really not much to gripe about if at all.


    Things get very interesting here, there are plenty of twists and turns, as well as how did they pull that one off moments. One of the coolest things happens mid-game, there is a crazy twist after a particular story character gets attacked. After the attack, it left me thinking, how the heck are they going to clean this one up? Machine Games pulls off some completely out there slightly loop holeish idea. However, I actually found it rather charming and entertaining. On the story, you may not want your kids to play this title. There are some rough and even sexual scenes in the game. As a Mature gamer, these scenes were very well done for me. The blood and gore, semi-sex scene, and the cursing do not bother me much at all. Once again this may be a problem for some readers or parents. Overall, the story or a better word would be the cut-scenes, have excellent moments. The cut-scenes and the characters are full of life and surprises. If you are big on story and most specifically, American History, you may have found a game to love.


    This is the meat section for me at least. The game is a pure shooter in my opinion. As a matter of fact, Wolfenstein II, The New Colossus is a hard game as well. I played the game and wrote an FAQ for it here on gamefaqs.com. I had trouble and probably died 50+ times even on a Normal Difficulty setting. The game basically has two options to play or perhaps three. Tactically, with Stealth, or Guns Blazing. Guns Blazing is always fun, but I did feel guns blazing was the most popular choice for most of my playthrough. Stealth doesn’t really become an excellent option, at least to a starting player until you get a Silencer for your weapon. Tactical play can probably be used all around, however, I personally found rather few opportunities to be too tactical. With the latter being said, this game at least, in my opinion, is to be taken this way. Play it like a fast-paced shooter, and play it hard!

    With the latter once again being stated. Wolfenstein II has really cool weapons and each of them can be upgraded three times. The heavy weapons may not be upgraded, however. Players will keep their weapons once they acquire them. The weapons look excellent and are fun to use. They also have good artwork and descriptions on the Menu Screen. The presentation like this is always of importance to me and many gamers. In this case, Wolfenstein displays the game world via the menu very nicely. Excellent Presentation and I should have mentioned that earlier.

    Wolfenstein II, the New Colossus also offers a bit of replay value. Replay value is a huge factor to me as well. In Wolfenstein II, players can collect around 200 collectible items. These items will reward the players with trophies and a bit more. They are rather difficult to collect, so players may want to use my FAQ here on GameFAQs. The game also offers several modes of difficulty, and certain players have special tactics on beating them. For the hardcore Wolfenstein fan, this is a very good thing. The core Wolfenstein fans will find several if not tons of hours of entertainment. Overall the gameplay is very solid and honestly may be one of the best shooters on the market in a long time.


    Wolfenstein II the New Colossus is a very solid game. It has a nice mix of good presentation, graphics, a solid frame rate ( even on console ) and more. Players can upgrade their weapons and play the game in different ways on different modes or levels of difficulty. I personally think the game could have been a bit more flushed out. I would have liked a better perk tree, better rewards for the collectibles and possibly even more weapons. I do think that the game has gone in the right direction when compared to The New Order. New Order is also a nice title, but I did find Wolfenstein II, the New Colossus to be an enhancement of the first experience I had with Wolfenstein. Once again, if you are looking for an amazing pure shooter, be sure to pick this one up. Gamestop has them pre-owned and I would say with an elite-pro membership you can get it around 40.00 USD. In that case, it is rather worth it. This goes double as your trade-in value.

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