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Gravity Rush 2 – Cheats

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    • All unlockable gestures

      This is a list of all 20 obtainable gestures in the game, due to the server shutdown scheduled for January 18th, the gestures requiring Dusty Tokens (only by attending to online events) will be unobtainable.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Apple Beat the game
      Backflip Treasure chests
      Clap Treasure chests
      Donut Treasure chests
      Greet Treasure chests
      Hip attack Treasure chests
      Honored Complete side quest "A Game of Gravity"
      Ice Cream Complete side quest "An Angel Named Double-Cross"
      Kali Pose Complete side quest "An Angel Named Double-Cross"
      Meow Complete side quest "The Spoils of War"
      Point up! Complete side quest "An Author’s Discreet Charm II"
      Relax Treasure chests
      Salute Reward for 100 Dusty Tokens
      Scare Treasure chests
      Sing Complete story mission "Like a radio"
      Skewer Treasure chests
      Tongue Treasure chests
      Wave arms Complete side quest "The Machineries of Joy"
      Wink Treasure chests
      You there! Reward for 4.000 Dusty Tokens
    • Dusty Token Unlockables

      Unlock rewards for collecting certain amounts of Dusty Tokens.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Costume: School Uniform 1.0 2000 Dusty Tokens
      Costume: Shifter 1.0 5000 Dusty Tokens
      Costume: Worker 300 Dusty Tokens
      Gesture: Salute 100 Dusty Tokens
      Gesture: You There 4000 Dusty Tokens
      Photo Item: Traffic Cone 1000 Dusty Tokens
      Photo Item: Upside-Down Man 10 Dusty Tokens
      Talisman: Fisherman’s Recipe 3000 Dusty Tokens
      Talisman: Miner’s Technique 500 Dusty Tokens
      Talisman: Unlimited Potential 6000 Dusty Tokens
    • Unlock Raven for mining

      Once unlocked head to a mining boat and talk to her to switch between her and Kat.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Raven Beat Delvool mine levels 1-30 as Kat
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