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God of War: Will feature at the game awards for Several categories hot game of the year candidate.

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    God of War

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    God of War: Will feature at the game awards for Several categories hot game of the year candidate.

    From the first minute of this game you know it’s good, it’s very good. You know what lies ahead is an epic adventure matched by only a few came out this year, last or last few years. For the franchise fans, the hardcore Kratos followers this could be a mixed feeling experience, I wouldn’t count myself as a God of War big fan but I did like previous entrees, couldn’t help but thinking of it as not a God of War and as the story went on, the real action kicked in and the events started to make sense, I thought, this is even better.

    Yes its different to other Sony successful Franchises, the Last of us, Uncharted but the introduction of a second character, Atreus, players can’t help but think of Eli & Sullivan from aforementioned titles, a formula that seems to work with Sony major stable franchises by combining characters to create a real drama, real relationship that players can connect with and we might see more of those. Between the Greek mythology & Norse there is normally not a lot in common, relation or even a time set but the game transit this beautifully emphasizing the pain of Kratos endured from pervious vengeance outings to what he could become today.

    I cannot stress enough the time, effort and the talent accumulated and poured into this work to create the world, the characters, the story, the dialogues and of course the music all directed to perfection by Cory Barlog. It is with real honestly I could affirm playing this God War all throughout I was thinking there must be more of this, we have had quite a few titles in the old gen God of War and only one in this masterpiece of a reboot and there must be more of this.

    The over the shoulder camera worked wonders on this God of War, I believe with so much drama and lore it is necessary for players to be part of the story and live all throughout the sorrows of Kratos and his son in a cinematic cut scenes that are just simply brilliant. The interaction with the world and other characters such as the witch or the blacksmiths is great and adds to the depth of game story and events.

    The game play is unbelievably smooth, combat is fast become addictive so much that in the middle of a fight you could deliberately get killed to restart the fight and experiment on other combat features. Atreus introduction to the action is excellent. Would recommend to go through the entire campaign then go test your knowledge and expertise of the game on the 9 Valkyries that could be unlocked at the latter stages of the adventure.

    A worthy and a very hot candidate for game of the year for sure, a must play. I hope to see more of this reboot from team Santa Monica.

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