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Fun at first, but it gets old quick

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    Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Fun at first, but it gets old quick

    The Nintendo Switch launch lineup is headlined by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it’s not the only Switch exclusive available on day one. Snipperclips, an unique co-op puzzle game, is arguably one of the other highlights from the Switch’s launch, and it is a game that’s definitely worth a few laughs, but it gets old fast.

    Snipperclips is a co-op puzzle game where players each control pieces of paper with eyeballs. Many of the puzzles revolve around moving the pieces of paper onto each other to create certain shapes, and then "snipping" the paper so that the shapes form. Some of the other puzzles are more about timing and more traditional platforming things, but for the most part, Snipperclips is a game about shapes.

    For the first world or so, this concept is actually a lot of fun and worth some laughs. Figuring out these puzzles with friends is a highlight of the experience. It’s also worth noting that the controls are great, and that the sideways Joy-Con setup is much better than the sideways Wii remote that 2D sidescrollers from the Wii always used.

    With decent controls, clever puzzles, and fun co-op, Snipperclips seems like it should be a guaranteed winner. Sadly, its concept is limited and gets old quick. After the first world, it quickly becomes apparent that subsequent levels are largely going to be iterations on puzzles that players have already completed, and it starts to become boring.

    Perhaps it’s the game’s limited art style that contributes to how boring it becomes later on. While the 2D graphics are certainly cute, it’s also limited, and the game can’t really do anything all that spectacular from a graphical stand point. Its art style is funny and there’s a surprising amount of sexual innuendo as well from the visuals.

    Audiowise, Snipperclips is cute, but again, it’s limited. The game is meant to be small in scope, so this is forgivable, but players expecting any particularly clever audio design are going to be let down by Snipperclips.

    Another drawback to the game is that it can be completed in one sitting. Snipperclips is really short, probably because of how limited the concept is in general, and so some may wonder if it’s really worth its $20 price tag. Personally, I think the price for Snipperclips, like many games on the Switch eShop, is just too much for what you get for most people except those that really want a co-op game for their Switch.

    Snipperclips is not the greatest way to show off the potential of the Nintendo Switch. However, it is a decent puzzle game with fun co-op. Sadly, its limited scope prevents it from reaching its true potential.

    Rating:   3.0 – Fair

    Product Release: Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! (US, 03/03/17)

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